Silvie and Martin first hit it off in a scene we filmed last year called Tenderness, they had a real connection so we asked them if they would like to get back together for a brand new and exclusive love scene!

We wanted the focus to be purely on this young couples enjoyment of being intimate with each other. Martin knows what Silvie likes and her body really responds to his touch. Long moments of kissing and amorous foreplay really makes this scene electrifying, with his hand down her panties using her natural wetness to stimulate her clit, mouth to mouth they breath each other in. When Martin heads between her legs he delights in devouring her heavenly pussy, and he is so good and so enthusiastic eating her that she begins to come, her orgasm is strong and flows through her in waves.

His huge, thick dick is already rock hard and she stretches her warm wet mouth around his girth, fellating him lovingly, worshiping his cock, twitching excitedly at the thought of him inside her. When she moves on top of him, opens her legs and slides herself down on his cock they are finally together in the most intimate and passionate of embraces.

This scene is totally natural and organic, we simply allowed this beautiful couple to enjoy each other so we could capture these real feelings, this scene is not a show for the camera, it's undiluted and lustful, loving and heartfelt. Their bodies remain close, they gaze into each other adoringly and become one in the shared pleasure of physical love.

It was very unexpected and not planned when Martin said he was going to come, Silvie was just on the verge of a climax too when she told him to come inside her. In the most intimate of moments, face to face, they orgasm together and he ejaculates inside her. A wonderful end to a simply fantastic scene.

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