Release Year: 2009
Cast: Lane
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish
Video language: English

19 year old Lane is Into The Attic on her first visit in. She's dabbled in some bondage play before with a partner but she's never done anything more intense than that.
Things start off with Lane sitting in an old elementary school chair, fully dressed. We watch her awhile as she sits nervously. She doesn't really know what to expect as she sizes things up around her with a wary gaze. After a couple of minutes I come out to place a metal collar around her neck and manacles onto her wrists. Then, before leaving again, lock each wrist to its respective side of the collar and ball gag her. She sits and waits some more. After several more anxious minutes she gets addressed. She's told to stand up and remove her shoes. Then her pants are pulled down to reveal no panties. She is told to sit back down and keep her legs spread wide. She doesn't know if she should look at the camera, look away, stare straight ahead --she's anxious. I walk up and remove her ball gag which causes a flow of slobber to run down her chin. She's slightly embarrassed by this fact and takes a finger to wipe it away. It's time to get know little Lane. When asked her name she delivers it like a captured prisoner of war. Same for her age. Her voice so young sounding. I get up, walk to her and raise her blouse so we can see her tits as she answers the questions. She nervous, but my very next question seems to erase that altogether. When asked if she likes bondage she gets a smile on her face that lights up the room. We'll see how long that last.
Lane is still restricted in the manner previously described. She is getting on her knees in preparation for sucking Luther. She just told me how much she prides herself on her cock sucking skills. This should be good given she is so small. Her head is small. Her mouth isn't even very big. I place the condom right on the tip of Luther and tell her to go at it. She opens her mouth as big as possible and stuffs Luther in. It completely fills the circle her mouth makes and then some. When she reaches three inches deep her cheeks are puffed out like a ground squirrel getting ready for winter. The sides of her mouth are sort of folded back in on themselves. And she makes this deep, guttural gagging sound. Her eyes are closed. When she pulls back off of him she gasp, says, "damn", swallows hard and goes back at it. She pushes down hard on him again, managing 3.75 inches before she makes a sound that you sometimes hear just before someone throws up. She grimaces and pulls back fast, a trail of slobber reaching from the tip of Luther to her bottom lip. She goes back at it after another hard swallow, a tear starting to run down her left cheek now. She starts to work it, 2 inches then down to 3.5 inches, 2 inches back down to 3.5 inches, a wad of slobber and spit in a thick, heavy stream falls from her mouth as she massages the shaft with her face hole. I tell her to stop and hold it in her throat as deep as possible. She does but it distresses her greatly. Both eyes have tears falling from them now. She coughs and she is quickly warned not remove Luther in spite of this. The slobber is running incessantly now, without stopping it falls from around her mouth as she attempts to hold Luther deep. Copious amounts. I make her tell me her name while still holding it deep in her throat. She starts to gag incessantly as well. It's all she can do it keep it there. Her whole face looks like it wants to explode. That's when I start to flog her --YELLING at her to keep holding it. She's crying now. When she is finally allowed to pull back off of it she gasp, takes in a deep breath like she just popped up from below the surface of the water and then she's told to start sucking it again IMMEDAITELY. When she is allowed to stop sucking Luther she refuses. She actually tells me she thinks she can do a better job. She is allowed to try but ultimately, she is made to look at you, The Viewer, and apologize for being a disappointment.
We now find Lane in a strict hogtie resting on The Box, tits hanging over the end, in front of a large mirror where she can stare at herself. She is ring gagged. Occasional giggles come from her face hole. She's one of those girls who tends to laugh when something intense happens to her. After tying her big toes off to her chest harness I take a finger of honey and wipe it all over her ring gag. It doesn't take long before she's drooling without stop. A few minutes later a vibrator gets shoved in her exposed cunt and a nose hook pulls back her head even further. She's left a bit to look at herself in the mirror. Drool falls down her chin and from the roof of her mouth. The electricity gets turned on and she becomes more distressed. Where she stayed fairly still previously she now jerks and moves about in her bonds. She breathes differently, deeper, with sudden powerful gasps. She rocks in her bonds, she clearly is trying to deal with this situation. I start tickling her feet which sends her over the top. She can't get away and bursts out in laughter. I tickle her sides as well. The laughter and pain all make it a challenge for her as she struggles to catch her breath. I tell her to push the vibrator out of her pussy but she can't, the loud droning it makes is unaffected by it's depth in her cunt. The drool coursing from her face hole is unrelenting. When the Hitachi hits her cunt in concert with the internal vib she is pushed beyond measure. A symphony of sounds start from her face hole. Things like, "Oh god", "please!" interspersed with inaudible words and grunts and moans with the occasional scream thrown in. She's incoherent. She can't even answer questions at this point. Her nose hook is pulled so tight her row of front teeth are exposed, ring gag keeping her face hole open and wide. When the Celebrator hits that swollen clit you'd think I was cutting that mother fucker off instead of vibbing it. She screamed bloody murder as I made her look at herself in the mirror and tell me how much she likes it. When she's close to cumming I make her ask me to turn up the electricity before stuffing her cunt full of Big Black. The electricity has her jerking about on The Box as she gets severely fucked in her cunt. The Hitachi works her over as well. She has a lot going on now but I make her talk to me thru it. To tell me how deep and hard she's getting fucked in between her screams of...unfortunately for Lane, we're only half way thru.
Lane is now nude and in a strappado. Her wrists are pulled up high to the ceiling behind her back. Heavy weights are hanging from her labia. Her legs are widely separated. She is breathing hard in a game of mind control over the pain in her cunt. The Hitachi reaches between the weights and finds her clit. Her mouth drops open and she finds new strength. She makes it very clear the Hitachi makes her forget about those weights. So I stop and add some to her nipples as well. As soon as the Hitachi leaves her cunt she's in immediate pain again. She grimaces and moans loudly as I start clamping her nipples. Now she is weighted down on all her sensitive sexual parts. When the Hitachi finds her cunt again she's in another head space altogether. She can't stay still now. She pulls and tests her bonds. Every little movement causes her nipple and labia weights to shift and swing in the air. The sounds she makes now are a constant exhortation of anguish, pain and desire. Her face tells you constantly that she is in a fight for survival. Then suddenly one labia clamp falls off and she screams out in pain. No mercy is shown and the clamp and weight are reattached to the exact same spot. She is also installed with a ring gag. Her inability to stop moving sends the weights rocking in all directions. She's beginning to shake now, like she is cold. Shivering from the intensity of the situation. You can hear the weights rattle against one another. Her hands pulled up high behind her open and close, searching for something. The slobber, once again, flows like a river from her face hole. On her tip toes now, she's getting close.

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