Release Year: 2010
Cast: Elise
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish

Elise has been left up in a dark, lonely part of The Attic. She's in the Spider Chair, nude, ankles manacled to the legs while her wrists are bound to the rear legs behind her. A rope twists around her neck and is tied off to the ceiling directly above her. This keeps her back straight and her neck pulled up taunt. It also keeps her breathing restricted. As we find her she is writhing about, choking herself. It is almost as though she were in heat. Her pussy fully exposed and in the midst of trying to hump something that isn't there. Her breathing clearly distorted and gasping. She occasionally bucks her entire body looking for something to get off on. She's horny there in the attic with no way to get off. And her body never stops moving the whole time. In a constant state of gyrations, of choking herself, the humping of air. She's in heat. After some time I finally go up into the attic to check on her. Changing her position I untie her arms from the Spider Chair and then tie them up over her head and slightly behind her. Now she's quartered and a ball gag goes in to round things out. Without warning the flogger makes contact with her breasts, then continues down her chest before flogging her cunt. It happens so quickly, without time for her to prepare, that she's caught completely off guard. Within seconds she is crying. Screaming out. She tries to shake her body, to shake off the sting. But she can barely move as it is and then the flogger starts in on her back. Some strikes make her cry out immediately while others leave a mouth wanting to scream but unable to, at least for the first few seconds afterward. She is sobbing as I find a broken piece of shingle lying on the floor. I take the coarse end and rough her nipples up with it and then move to her cunt, wiping it vigorously over her clit. When I'm done she's a heaving, sobbing mess; unable to control her emotions. I grab Big Blue on a stick and mount it into her cunt, leaving it there. Slobber and snot run from her face holes, coating her chest before running down off her pussy. One foot moves to it's own tune. In response, I take thin leather strips and tie her big toes off to the chair. When I'm done I flog her armpits. The screaming is so intense that I tell her to shut up and cease making noise for any further strikes. Oh my god, I don't know how she did it but she did. I struck that breast so goddamn hard yet she didn't let a peep out. But her body was shaking and her mouth was locked down hard on that gag. When that vibrator finally hit her cunt you should have heard the begging. She'd been in heat for some time and now and after all she'd been thru, she was beyond desperate for release. Denied.
Now we find Elise nude and sitting in The Electric Chair. She's gagged and she's tied in a way that immobilizes her. Unable to move an inch she waits for the power to get turned on to the chair. She doesn't have to wait long. The first time she feels it her whole body jerks at the shock. Then again and again, until she isn't just jerking anymore --she's screaming while at the same time trying to pick her body up off of the chair. It is very clear this is an experience that is taxing her. Because she never stops screaming at the absolute top of her lungs while at the same time she has very large tears dropping from each eye and snot/slobber is pouring through the holes in her face. Just the energy she is expending with the screaming, crying and trying to get away has to be sucking what's left of her endurance away. It has become so much for her that she begins to violently shake her whole body in an effort to gain some type of relief. The whole chair starts to move across the room now. I step up and be a nice guy and turn it down a bit. But I also pull down over her head a clear bag. A few holes get poked over her nose before taping the bottom of the bag around her neck. There she's left, bag expanding and collapsing over her head as she tries to breath. I make sure to turn the electricity right back up before leaving. As we watch her it is clear that as things become more intense the less she is able to breathe inside that bag. She gets to the point where she cries out in long drawn out verses, the bag expanding and collapsing ever quicker. She starts to panic now. Nipple clamps are added which send her screaming in a one continuous, desperate plea. When she thinks she can't handle it anymore the bag is removed and replaced with a latex breath hood. Inside the hood I place her soiled panties. Once the hood is on a cane is procured. Immediately I start in on her thighs. Never giving her much of a break to soak in the previous caning, I just start in on the next thigh. The screaming is so intense I can't even hear myself think. She is seriously trying to get away from the electricity while taking these cane strokes at the same time. She desperately tries to get up and away from the chair to no avail. Within seconds she shows marks from the cane. I know her voice had to be hoarse after this scene.
Elise did a lot of rocking today. Rocking her body when in difficult, intense situations. This scene was no exception. Nude, in an elbow harness and atop The Wooden Horse, the moment she got on it she told me it was a device designed for nothing but maximum discomfort. She's right, plus this one is electrified under the thighs and pussy. I drew her ankles up and tied them to the horse. Then I wrapped a rope around her chest and drew her wrists up to that so her elbows actually jutted away from her torso and kept her from easily resting her hands onto the horse itself. I watched her a bit. Obviously turned on, she kept rocking her pussy against the A-frame of the horse, mouth ajar. That's when I picked up a wide leather belt and buckled it tightly around her neck. Until she was gasping. So there she sits, precariously perched as nothing prevents her fall but herself, with a wide leather belt around her neck and amperage running through her thighs and pussy. It is clear from the onset that she is going for the breathing concept, much like a pregnant woman does to get thru a pregnancy, where she concentrates on what's most important and all else filters down. Breath. Breath. Her horny ass starts to find a rhythm up there on The Horse. She shakes it back and forth in a rhythmic manner. Clearly it works for her pussy 'cause she's so totally into what is happening to her. So I tell her, if you can get yourself off, doing what you are doing, do it. And she ultimately does...all by herself! But then she is punished for it. She's flogged over her breasts. We stop and watch her break down. Closing in on her face. We know she wants to cum again. Big tears keep falling from her eyes. Her face is in distress. She's clearly crying when I ask her if she wants to cum. Between the sobs she says..."yes".
In the end, she is taken off of the horse and box tied. Then walked to a small hole in the floor where she is told to enter down into the ground, in a small crawl space where she can be left for the night. Once the floor has been dismantled she is pushed into the hole. Once inside she is walked to the back of the concrete entrance and told to get down on the ground. Onto her belly so I can place her into a hogtie for the evening. Once secured she is left to her own devices in the small concrete walkway beneath ground. I simply leave the hole I entered in, reclaim the floor and leave for the night. Elise is on her own.

Format: asf
Duration: 1:13:18
Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 2915kbps
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 1.6 GB