Release Year: 2008
Studio: FM Concepts Inc
Cast: Jana Cova, Hanna Hilton and Jamie Lynn
Genres: BDSM, Bondage
Video language: English

Jana Cova's road to abduction was paved by the evil intentions of a predatory photographer! Dazzled by the prospect of internet wealth, he calculated that the combination of an exceptionally beautiful woman with his ropework expertise would fatten his bank account to the point of obesity! Unfortunately for Jana, she was the gorgeous target of this shady entrepreneur who refused to take no for an answer; when that negative word passed Jana's lips, he forced her into the shadowy world of bondage!

Jana wasn't stripped at first -- why not let her remain clothed, her captor reasoned, when the minidress clung so tightly to her superb body? But to Jana's dismay, jet-black rope snaked constrictively around her ankles, knees, wrists, elbows and chest, while strips of white tape muffled her whimpered protests! Goaded by his "direction", the frightened captive strained against her bonds until she realized that she was simply providing him with the warped images that he desired!

But when Jana refused to cooperate, her peril increased! Untying the weakened girl, he forced her to remove dress, lingerie and shoes, then hogtied her naked! Despite Jana's determination to remain still, she couldn't help resisting her frighteningly restrictive bondage -- she writhed on the bed as the despicable photographer sarcastically encouraged her! Near exhaustion when he finally removed the ropes, Jana saw a glimmer of hope when he took her outdoors and began to retie her in a less rigorous fashion! So when he was briefly distracted, she kicked off her loose ankle bonds and attempted an escape, even though she was still bound and gagged! But Jana's interlude of freedom was painfully brief; recaptured, stripped once more, she was trussed, gagged and treated to the indignity of tickling from head to toe by her angry abductor! Once this punishment was complete and Jana was disheveled and sweat-sheened, he promised her a shower to freshen up! To Jana's sorrow, she was bound anew for this privilege; as she sat gagged and struggling, her laughing tormentor turned the dial and a cascade of water poured over her from the waist down! Watching his soaked and writhing "partner", the photographer chuckled again: Not bad for the first day, he thought!

Say the words "kidnap victim" to Hanna Hilton and she'll respond, "Not so fast!" "Sure, Jamie Lynn and Princessa grabbed me off the street just because they're the kind of crazy bitches who think it's fun to mess with a girl's head by tying her up with her clothes off! And Jamie was all over me while she had me tied to the bed and gagged so I could hardly make a sound! I guess she thought I was some helpless little chick she could play with until I begged for mercy -- but I'm no victim! Ask those two sluts -- they went outside and left me alone long enough so I was able to pull the ropes loose! I got Princessa first, then Jamie, tied and gagged them and made them hop back inside -- boy, were they scared! Then I pushed them down on the floor, took off their gags and made them lick my feet! Believe me, by the time I was through with them, they knew who Hanna Hilton was!"

Format: asf
Duration: 52:59
Video: 640x426, Windows Media Video 9, 1464kbps

File size: 641.2 MB