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Video language: English

In this scene the very beautiful and very curvy, Jackie Stevens portrays a sexy maid bound and gagged by a burglar. As the clip begins Maid Jackie enters the scene. Her curvy hourglass figure clad in a sexy maid outfit, garter-belt, Cuban heel seamed stockings, white open toed strappy heels, satin gloves, and a cute little cap! This girl is bootylicious, and puts on quite a show as she cleans the couch, with her awesome derriere and shapely legs, perched upon her 6" heels! She is surprised by a burglar. He clasps his hand over her mourth and tells her he is going to tie her up! When we next see Jackie, the robber is tying her up using the home owner's stockings and pantyhose! She gets very mouthy, sassing the burglar as she is being tied up.? The thief shuts her up by stuffing her cleaning sponge in her mouth, and ties it in good and tight with a scarf! This really riles her up, but her garbled gag talk only amuses the bad guy. Now that he has her all tied up and gagged, it's time for some fun! He pulls down her top and plays with her perky tits. Her perfect butt also gets his attention for some groping and slapping! He then goes off to search for valuables. Our hapless maid struggles wildly, bouncing around, kicking up her legs, standing up, but the knots in the nylons only get tighter! She tries to make as much noise as she can, but the mouth filling sponge gag is quite effective! Eventually, Jackie stands up and tries to hop away, but the burglar hears her high heels on the floor and returns. He drags her back to the couch and uses another stocking, to bind her in a strict hogtie, making sure she stays put! She continues her frantic struggling and garbled gag talk! Great clip featuring a very sexy, animated model! More clips featuring the beautiful bondagette Jackie, coming soon!

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 12:24
Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1367kbps
Audio: 46kbps

File size: 127.8 MB