Release Year: 2011
Studio: Ladyboy Player
Genres: Transsexuals, Shemales, Hardcore, Ladyboy
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Boiling hot Earth gets a bit icy after returning to the room from the hotel pool. So she decides to take a shower to warm up which is sure to make your blood boil as well. Nothing shows off her fluid form better than the small flower bikini the top of which is barely able to contain her water balloon tits. These are suspended magically atop her ribcage which like the muscularity of her abdominals is not obscured by any extra water weight. We are awash with lust when she squeezes her jugs between her arms as they are pelted by the droplets. Once they are bared they look like large flotation devices each capped by large puffy inflation nipples. We enjoy this vision while the waterfall flows from her head off the end of her now wet long black hair. She then mercifully begins to remove the bikini bottoms followed by the inner layer which is a requirement for all public swimming ladyboys. Our thoughts become unclean as liquid streams down the curve of her back then over and in the funnel of her juicy rear. When the last soap bubble goes down the drain there is nothing left to do but towel the moisture from her milky skin which contrasts with the blackness of her hair. The hint of bushy pubes make us long to see her girl hose but alas we are drowned in sorrow seeing her body covered as she waves goodbye.

Itís fun to sit around the pool or at the beach with a hot ladyboy in tiny bikini. Itís good sport watching other men sneak glances at them. I donít care one way or another but I sometimes wonder if they have any inkling that the creature drawing their lustful eyes is really a man or are they completely fooled. Iíve never had anybody ask or even give me a second look. I find falangs in Thailand seem to keep to themselves or their friends and will rarely talk to you other than maybe in a bar. I think itís because thereís really no need to socialize at all. Thailand has cut out the middle man in getting laid as you simply go to the bar or street and talk to any girl or ladyboy you want and she will almost always go with you. Of course this is for money but it far less time and money than you would spend achieving this anywhere else with expensive dinners, drinks, shows and of course all the bullshit you have to listen to and pretend to be interested in. The hilarious part of this is that I actually have some younger friends in Thailand who are in the whole social scene and it is just as hard and expensive for them to get laid with non-hookers as it was for us. I suspect that they will soon be heading down to Soi Cowboy more and more as they wise up to this. If I had done this twenty years ago, Iím sure Iíd have a million in the bank, or Iíd be dead, one of the two.

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