Release Year: 2009
Cast: Bondage, humilation, spanking
Genres: Bondage, humilation, spanking
Video language: English

Sister Dee treats sadism like itís a game. It makes every cold move more satisfying. Ten is the perfect bitch for games like that. Sheís young, sheís hot and sheís willing to take anything Dee can think of. And boy, does Dee have some wonderful ideas.

First Ten is going to suffer some humiliation. Dee pelts her with rubber balls for her own amusement and then whips her with the elephant trunk. That is mildly humiliating but nothing compared to being made to crawl like a worm for the privilege of kissing Sister Deeís boots. Tenís outfit is nice but Dee observes that no outfit is complete without a bright red ass. Ten needs Dee to fix it for her and begs repeatedly to have her ass spanked.

The ground is just too far down for Dee to give a really good spanking. She ties Ten over a bamboo rod that arches her back and pushes her ass into the perfect position for all kinds of ass punishment. Bare hands arenít the only way to get it red. Dee has a paddle that may work even better than her hands. Beatings make pain sluts like Ten wet. The attention to her ass has her extra ready to have her pussy played with. Dee vibrates her a little and finger fucks her hard and sure enough she starts begging to cum. Itís so intense that when she finishes Ten can barely manage to thank Dee for it.

Being bent over bamboo is definitely a step up from being made to straddle a horse with your arms in strappado. Ten is kept on her toes by the twin threats of having her cunt split and the pain in her arms. Dee applies clothes pins to Tenís tits and then grabs her cane. When it is striking against her ass Ten manages to hold herself still, but when the cane flicks at the tit-pins she canít help but struggle, pushing her pussy against the horse. By the time Dee takes the vibrator to her clit again, Ten is already ready to explode with ecstasy. She has earned a good, hard cum, and Dee wonít deny her that.

One thing Ten canít have, though, is a break. Dee lays her on her back with her legs tied up to a pair of posts and really starts to torment her neglected holes. The skin in that area is so sensitive that the lightest touch or poke from Deeís little skewer is enough to elicit screams and cries. Her feet havenít seen much action either, so Dee takes the time to cane them hard. No part of Ten can be neglected. That includes her ass hole, which Mr. Pogo is all too ready to fill. Sheís the kind of slut where 1 hole just isnít enough so Dee grabs another dick on a stick and double penetrates the cock-hungry bitch. Both holes working at once and a vibrator on her clit again has Ten cumming so hard sheís crying.

Format: real
Duration: 55:11
Video: 852x488, RV40
Audio: 62kbps

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