Dick Darkly directed this startling journey into the psychology of superheroine fetish and, man, it is jam-packed with crazy-ass weird shit. If you like girls lying on tables with electric things on their heads, this one is for you! This title was made as a custom and we would like to express our thanks to the author of this cool, intriguing script.
Tori and Darby are knocked out with gas and, while unconscious, they are hooked up to some kind of computerized hypno-device with lights that blink. The device makes them experience virtual reality! Each girl has a dream in which she is knocked out by an evil version of her superheroine friend. In the virtual world, Darby becomes a lingerie-wearing vixen. She knocks Tori out with gas, fondles her and ties her to a table. When Tori awakens, she struggles valiantly to keep the ropes from falling off her body but it is all in vain! After Darby fondles Tori she leaves her there with with a bomb... that might explode! In Darbys virtual world, she is struck on the head and knocked out by Tori. Then, Tori fondles Darby while she is tied to a table (almost as securely as Tori had been). Tori torments Darby with a dildo which is then fired like a rocket at Darbys clothed pussy. Later, the girls bodies become frozen and they can not move. They are hypnotized by being shot at with a ray gun and are commanded to become robots and other things.
Some fun outtakes follow. Like Dicks earlier work, the strangely compelling title Remote Controlled, this title has an eerie, dream-like quality. For foot fans, there are plenty of stocking foot shots.

Format: mov (QuickTime)
Duration: 58:37
Video: 320x240, SVQ3, 394kbps
Audio: 46kbps

File size: 190.2 MB