Sophia's already been through quite a bit in her debut, and in reality, she's only just begun. She puts up an admirable struggle on the bars, although to no avail. And just when she's convinced herself that she's going nowhere, Holly returns to reaffirm this and clamps her nipples tightly. Sophia's eyes show fear when she spots the cane, and Holly pays some attention to her soles, snapping rubber bands tightly on them before hammering on them with the stick. Despite it all, Sophia wants to cum...again...and this time the G5 is employed as Holly buries it against her clit. We get a close up view as it vibrates the daylights out of her pussy, and Sophia begs to be released from it's grip...Sophia proves yet again, that even after all of this, she's got a little spunk left. So Holly pins her tits and paddles her ass before straddling her from behind and burying the strap-on in her cunt...

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