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Stacy is so sweet and petite but she gets no gentle treatment here. For her entire session she wears black vinyl lingerie (that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination), high-heeled patent pumps and her signature silver belly chains. All six of her scenes involve Jay's custom "girlie-go-round" and these ties are tough, even for this seasoned pro. Starting out standing, Stacy receives nipple-squasher clamps and Jays red whip on her perfect, round ass. Next, she's cuffed kneeling for an erotic session on her boobs until they are almost as red as the whip! Kneeling again, Stacy gets clothespins on her nipples. Her ballgag is changed to a head-harnessing panel gag, on camera. (The difficulty of this scene causes an unmistakably real tremble in Stacy's moans.) A kneeling strappado is next and when Jay applies another set of squasher-clamps to Stacy's hard nipples and leashes them forward, we can see that her endorphins are flowing and she has reached "sub-space"...that cozy place where a submissive can really get into it. She actually pulls back against the tethered nipple clamps and smiles serenely! Rewarding her excellent behavior, Jay twists Stacy into a tough backbender, chains a wooden dowel tautly between her pussy lips and then tapes a buzzing vibrator to the dowel for her pleasure! For her final scene, Stacy wobbles on one delicate knee. She still has the dowel wedged between her legs and her nipples are butterfly-clamped and pulled up towards the ceiling. Jay applies a full harness ballgag (on camera) and we can see Stacy's little ankle tremble as she struggles with the difficulty of this position. This girl is amazing! Rounding out the program are four scenes of luscious Alexis! The busty beauty spends her entire on camera time wearing nothing but black, high-heeled pumps so we are treated to almost every inch of her smooth, tanned skin! She endures full head-harnessing gags, nipple clamps, extreme mouth stuffing with red medwrap (onscreen), erotic breast whippings, handgagging, two different leather single sleeves, an over-the knee spanking, and even Jay's wonderful "breast press!" Don't miss out on seeing these two bondage supermodels in action!

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