Academy Award Ass

Release Year: 2009
Studio: .powershotz
Cast: Candy
Video language: English

Candy is roped securely to the anal training bench. The ball gag is required to prevent biting during those first few invasive moments when her sensitive bottom is lubricated and she is spanked for failure to maintain posture. The choke strap bites deep when required to get her attention quickly. Her moans gasps and squeals indicate the reality of the moment for the young girl. The breaks in the sequence were unintended stoppages where it was believed she wanted to stop....even though she didn't use the safe word. We proceded...then stopped again....Her acting so realistic that we could not distinguish if it were real or not. The intensity of the procedure facilitated her ability to act.....and she did.....during digital lubrication and stretching.....and intensely during dilation by the glass rod. Powerful stuff! Unbelievably hot body!

File size: 202.9 megabayt
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