Alien Probe 3 DVDRip

In Part One and Two of Alien Probe, alien leader Zordac and his sidekick Jasper abducted beautiful Earth women in an attempt to impregnate them and have their progeny take over the planet. Having misguided about human copulation, the Zordonians inflict pain on their human subjects in the belief that it makes them more fertile. Unaware of birth control, the Zordonians can't seem to impregnate any of the earth women they have chosen. Something must be wrong. In Part Three, the conclusion of the Alien Probe series, Zordac continues to "examine" beautiful real estate lady Melissa. Bound and helpless, Zordac methodically pumps all her "unprotected orifices" full of his gooey genetic material both mechanically and the old fashioned way. He only stops long enough to "stimulate" poor Melissa with a cat o' nine tails and a pair of electrodes.

File size: 269.6 megabayt
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