BaldPorngirls - Christine Bald

Release Year: 2012
Studio: BaldPorngirls

It is a stupid girl's come back. Christina spent all the money she earned before and she also spent the money she will earn this time. It was not a big surprise for me because I'm aware of her brain capacity. The job she had to do this time was more harder then the previous one. She have had only shaved nape before but this time I shaved her head completely smooth bald. And she had to suck my cock too. I was very angry with her because when I fucked her throat she wasn't enthuse and willing therefore I gave her some big slaps to teach what she has to do. However my english are not fluent finally I taught an important english sentence to her. I'm not sure if this 'Nobel prize candidate' bitch memorized the sentences more then 2 minutes

File size: 370.2 megabayt
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