Ballerina Tickled by Domina Skye

Date: 2012
Genre: BDSM
Time: 00:07:37

Description: We start this clip out with ballerina crying out, "I have very ticklish feet!" Skye begins to tease her, digging her fingers inside her shoes making her squirm and react. Skye mixes in some more upper body tickling and we see that ballerina seems to have lost her shirt and is now topless. With her shirt gone, ballerina seems more ticklish on her upper body and continues giggling away but now with a bit of begging added in as well. Skye decides it's time to take ballerina's shoes off saying, "I don't like you hiding your feet from me." This is definitely the worst spot for ballerina as she has REALLY TICKLISH FEET.

File size: 85.8 megabayt
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