Bedroom Invasion

Release Year: 2009
Studio: juliettecaptured
Cast: Juliette
Video language: English

Have you always locked your door while sleeping? Juliette has not and so its easy for an intruder to come into her bedroom. He chloroforms the sleeping damsel. After Juliette is knocked out, the intruder ties her up spread eagled to the her bed with ropes .Juliette wakes up from her chloroform sleep. After she realises that she is bedbound she begins to struggle against her bonds. She also cries for help, but there is no one coming to rescue her. See this beautifull damsel struggling in her nightdress.The intruder is back in Juliettes bedroom. He touches her body. Then he cuts her shirt and pantyhose away, so Juliette lies totally naked on her bed. The intruder stuffs first Juliettes panty into her mouth, but later he ballgags her to stop her screaming. Juliette is helpless and must see that the intruder drops his pants. Will he do what Juliette thinks off?The intruder has Juliette bound to her own bed. She moans into her ballgag while the intruder stucks up his dick into her ass. He takes her long and deep for his own pleasure and Juliette has no chance against this merciless man.Juliette gets fucked into her ass. She is still laying on bound up on her bed. She moans into her ballgag as the intruder loads his cum on to her back. Then he left the damsel and Juliette tries to get free from the bonds. Make it fast, before the intruder is cominq back.

File size: 251.8 megabayt
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