Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Cast: Mistress Missy, Mistress Sidney, Slave Spartacus
Video language: English

How much can one slave take? Mistress Sidney joins Mistress Missy and, together, the two young sadists spend 100 minutes finding that very fact out as they harass slave Spartacus to no end. Humiliation, foot worship, trample, oral servitude, tag team strap-on and a milking spell trouble for our hapless hero as he happily gives himself over to the two vixens and prays for a bit of mercy lest he be taken to the hospital or, worse yet, never see them again!

Mistress Sidney and Mistress Missy recline on the couch and discuss the upcoming full session debasement of slave Spartacus. He is a favorite of theirs and they are quite excited that he has fallen into both their hands. They love to work together and are close friends. They stand and give you a good look at their outfits. Mistress Sidney’s pussy is already plump with juice. They beckon the submissive and make him strip down in front of them. They then examine his cock. He is next obliged to put on a pair of pantyhose as they watch, cuddling and laughing. He is extremely aroused by the pantyhose and the humiliation in front of the women. His rock hard cock gets trapped and slapped by them as they enjoy stuffing it down his nylon covered legs.

The slave presented his cock and the ladies slapped and trapped it as it grew harder and harder. Mistress Missy moved to bind his hands tight behind him as Mistress Sidney held the cock at the base and kept slapping it back and forth like a metronome. She lay back and spread Her long, nylon covered legs. Her pink wet pussy almost dripped. Mistress Missy guided his head to Her plump wetness and he slowly began his oral servitude. They instructed him exactly how to lick and suck. This was Mistress Sidney’s favorite part of the session and She enjoyed it even more having Her best friend use the slave’s head to the fullest advantage.

With the full flavor of Mistress Sidney’s wet cunt in his mouth, it was time for the slave to service the back hole. Mistress Missy guided his tongue to Her dusky brown shit hole and insured he was cleaning properly by cropping him in the back over and over. When Her asshole was properly cleansed, Mistress Sidney turned and lit up a small cigar and spread Her legs. She wanted more tongue and casually smoked Her cigar as the slave’s face was used to please Her by Mistress Missy. Her pussy was wetter and wetter and Mistress Missy decided to apply a small vibrator to Her clit as he sucked Her hole.

Mistress Sidney lit up another cigar and the two ladies surveyed the used submissive laying beneath their feet. Time for nylon covered foot domination as Mistress Missy stomped a size five foot into his mouth and held his nose closed. Oh the view from below with two gorgeous young sadists on top. And on top they would be as Mistress Sidney and Mistress Missy took turns trampling their pantyhose clad captive. The stomping was not enough so they took turns kicking his nylon trapped cock in addition to trampling the hapless slave.

The prostrate slave was thoroughly trampled and now Mistress Sidney’s bare pussy smothered him as Mistress Missy tried to kick his balls in through his pantyhose. Ouch that hurt and he tried feebly to scream into the pussy smothering his face. They switched places and Mistress Sidney was even crueler to his balls. Again a switch but this time Mistress Sidney sensuously lay back on him so Her partner could have a better go at his balls with Her feet. The feel of Her heaviness and the nylon made him incredibly horny. Maybe it was a good thing they were trying to destroy his balls as it slowed his orgasm. Mistress Missy now lay on him and Her soft nylon covered feet played up and down on his shaft, punctuated by sharp crisscross slaps on his cock head from the sadistic Mistress Sidney.

Time for some anal fun with the sturdy slave; he is bound with pantyhose to the horse and Mistress Missy climbs up on his back. Her partner rips his pantyhose open to expose his ass and spanks him, gloves up and puts some grease in his asshole. Mistress Missy occupies Herself riding on top of him and then moves in front to have him worship Her high heels and lick the bottoms. Mistress Sidney is loosening up his backside and giving him a prostate massage in the process as Mistress Missy moves to put on Her strap-on. She sits in front of him and teases him as Her partner finishes fingering his ass. Now he can take Her strap-on and stay ready for the tag team action to come.

The slave had Mistress Missy’s cock buried up his ass. It felt great and now Mistress Sidney had strapped on and he looked into the eye of the rubber dick head as She stood topless. Mistress Missy too was topless and Mistress Sidney lit up a cigarette and blew a blast of smoke in his face to obscure his vision. It was a tag team fucking and his ass was the target framed in ripped pantyhose. On and on Mistress Missy fucked him and then they switched, Mistress Sidney smoking and enjoying the feeling to power She had over him with Her cock in him. She laughed and the only other noise was the slurping of his tongue on Mistress Missy’s size five feet in his mouth.

Slave’s ass was taking miles of Mistress Sidney’s cock as She finished up Her cigarette. Now Mistress Missy slipped back in for some thrusts. Mistress Sidney switched with Her quickly as they laughed and tag teamed him. First one then the other. Mistress Sidney slipped Her high heel off and gave him a sniff. Mistress Missy pulled out and tied the shoe to his face as Mistress Sidney fucked him up the ass. His ass was used and abused until they took him past the point of control and made him their ass bitch. It was time to pull a load out now from his nuts and Mistress Missy straddled his back.

Mistress Missy rode the submissive’s back as Mistress Sidney jerked his cock in Her black rubber glove like he was a prized cow for milking. Mistress Missy moved around to get a better view and picked up the hitachi vibrator. She set it to work on his balls as Mistress Sidney yanked his cock straight down. His balls were still tied tight in pantyhose. They had been wrapped around his neck by Mistress Sidney before they started fucking him and his balls, as a result, were swollen and almost blue. The combination of the vibrator and the milking were starting to make him tremble. Mistress Sidney removed the glove and Mistress Missy turned the vibrator pressed against the back of his nuts to high and he could take no more. He shot giant splashing jets of cum on the outstretched nylon covered feet of Mistress Sidney. She jerked every drop out and then Mistress Missy moved to release him so he could worship at the altar of Her jism covered toes.

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