Studio: BossDVD
Cast: Mistress Irene Boss
Video language: English

Scene 1: At the Tickle Asylum Irene Boss has a new victim to tease with her luscious long red fingernails, shimmery sexy pantyhose, see through rubber mini dress and custom fetish platform ankle boots. The corseted prisoner is encased in shiny pantyhose while he is fastened to the rack in metal leg restraint braces and a face sitting head bondage box.

Ms Boss's ass and your face is worth your next paycheck indeed, especially when she starts tickling your nipples and sides while she is doing it. This is split screen breath play by rubber encased pantyhose ass. Irene is tickled by the slave's beard through her pantyhose. She tickles his cock and balls through his pantyhose and he begins to get quite excited. She tickles his bare cock and balls with her long luscious red fingernails and rubs her sexy shiny pantyhose legs and leather boots against his bare erect cock and balls.

She presses her enormous rubber encased breasts and solid encased pantyhose thighs against his bare erect cock and balls while mercilessly tickling his sides. He laughs and moans hysterically! It's time for satin ribbon predicament cbt play and he is re - face sat for side tickle play treatment number 2; another split screen.

She is sitting on him, depriving him of breath and mercilessly tickling him to death. Every time he moves from the relentless tickle play he pulls on his sensitive cock and balls. She interjects cruel and unusual punishment by compelled consumption of caffeine by forcing the slave to consume a Red Bull so his nerves are on fire for the duration on the scene.

Scene 2: Prisoner is moved to the tickle bench for a new round of treatments and placed face down secured with rubber straps. His corset is tightened and his sides are savagely tickled again. Tickling is a great way to test bondage to make sure that it's tight enough. It's pantyhose destruction time so Ms Boss can once again have her way. His balls are tied to toes for predicament bondage CBT foot and side tickling, and electric CBT is administered via shock pads and a tens unit.

Since Ms Boss has decided to whip this slave today, he is warmed up with 2 new heavy floggers for a double dose of goodness. Excruciating foot tickling; He is so satiated he forgets his speaking manners and Ms Boss must remind him of protocol. There are many rounds of spanking and foot tickling in this scene progressing right up to a good long bare bottom whipping.

Scene 3: Suspended spread tickle prisoner awaits the Boss's evil teases. She is now wearing a business jacket with steel heeled pumps. The attention is placed on his poor cock and ball area while she tickles the balls and the shaft. She walks around the room clicking her high heels constantly while frequently announcing "I think we can make this even better!" Ms Boss C&B's him again with a predicament involving foot tickling. Ms Boss chose this particular slave to be in this video with her because he hates tickling and it is on his top 5 list of dislikes. Ms Boss decides to introduce a weighted electric cock ring in conjunction with electrical pads.

Scene 4: Tickle victim is saran wrapped while he is standing in near suspension wearing a tight corset. Ms Boss then goes for his underarms and sides with her long nails. He is placed on the floor in a bondage muff. Extreme and diabolical foot tickling then takes place. She face sits him and tickles his sensitive sides and armpits.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:04:50
Video: 856x480, DivX 5, 2439kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.2 GB