Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Cast: Slave Footboy, Mistress Rebecca Blue
Video language: English

Mistress Rebecca is a bitch in the morning as she takes footboy to task for 32 minutes for waking her from a sound sleep. Lots of foot domination, douche and a morning pee as the hard bodied young blonde is not amused with his antics. Her mood gets better as she relieves herself with the vibrator and then uses his face to fuck. A good tongue cleaning of her asshole also helps her wake up before she starts her day.

Mistress Rebecca awakes from a sound sleep to hear tapping. What the fuck is that She thinks rising and locates the sound. It is footboy who is underneath the bed head exposed and he has loosened his hand and is jerking his cock off. She is extremely upset and begins to scold him and use her feet on his face. She tells him she has been up late with several men enjoying herself and makes him smell her pussy filled with the mixture of multiple male's semen. She feels the need to clean and douches herself out right over footboy's face. She then sits on his face and has him lick the lingering drops of douche water from her pussy lips.

A foot is lodged down his throat as a chaser to the cum filled douche water and Mistress Rebecca laughs as She sits down and feeds him the smelly discharge from the bottoms of Her perfect size seven feet. He sucks the toes and she tells him she now has another morning treat for his tongue and turns, spreading her ass cheeks. He licks her brown eye clean and she, being a nymphomaniac and still horny, reaches for the vibrator. He watches her get herself off with hungry eyes. Her orgasm only makes Her meaner and she slaps his face back and forth before allowing him a teasing taste of her perky natural breasts.

The helpless submissive gets cropped from behind as Mistress Rebecca feels the need to assert herself and mark him. She resumes slapping his stupid face and then he is obliged to face fuck her still horny pussy hole with the black dildo attached to his face. She removes her black camisole after her first orgasm and turns and impales her wet hole on his face one more time. After several orgasms shake her body she has to pee. She decides to take her morning piss in front of her houseboy and then moves the bowl into position so he will have to smell her discharge and think of her as she leaves.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 32:31
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