Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Cast: Slave Marco, Mistress Rebecca Blue
Video language: English

One high energy stick of blonde dynamite explodes up Marco's ass in a frenzy as Mistress Rebecca first face sits, then fucks him with a gigantic monster bat of a strap-on for a 30 minute extreme domination session. Mistress Rebecca Blue, a fan favorite at Lakeview, has him do some heavy pussy worship and, after a satisfying orgasm, deep facesitting. Then She straps on and it is a doozy, one of our biggest strap-ons ever. She rams it home while he is bent and then on his back.

With Her legs splayed wide apart and a crotchless black pair of panties on, Mistress Rebecca rubbed Her wet pussy hole right above slave Marco's face. She gave him a taste of what he would never have with Her fingers. He licked the bottom of Her boots after savoring the wet pussy juice from Her fingers, and then She positioned Herself over his face for tongue service. Astride his face, She begin to writhe and gyrate, Her hard, lean, young body tensing. His hands,bound behind him, could not help him get air, and She slowly began to smother him under Her ass.

The bound slave below Mistress Rebecca's ass gurgled as She spun around and repositioned Herself on his face. Her boots hooked the chair arms for support as She ground down on his mouth with Her wet pussy. The tiny crotchless panties grew wet from Her juice and his saliva. She lay back in the chair and had him lick softly, instructing him exactly where to suck. She felt the waves of pleasure begin and had a wrenching orgasm. "You made me cum, slut!" She said as She slapped his face back and forth, Her face still red from release.

He turned to see Mistress Rebecca putting on Her strap-on. Not just any strap-on, but the horse dick strap-on. It was monstrous! With his face still wet from Her pussy juice, he was ordered to bend over the chair and accept the giant cock in his ass. His Mistress filled his backside and kept on pushing the giant cock into Her bitch's asshole. He groaned and, as his ass clamped around the four inch wide rubber cock, began to feel the urge to cum in his prostate. The beautiful blonde nympho behind him delighted in his agony and seized the leather slogger to beat his ass as She fucked him. She switched to the hard wooden paddle, telling him to push back and impale himself on nearly 24 inches of relentless cock.

The big slave was ordered to his back, hands and ankles bound together. Mistress Rebecca had her two foot long cock buried in his ass, and he was writhing in pain and pleasure. He began to orgasm internally from the cock, and She leaned in and grabbed his dick to squeeze and stroke it as She fed even more cock into his asshole. She told him She wanted to see a load come out of his pierced cock head and unclipped one hand. As he begged for release, She leaned low and Her perky breasts were covered in jism as She allowed him to expel his seed. She slowly pulled the monster cock from his ass and leaned in, allowing him to clean Her breasts of his seed.

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Duration: 30:26
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