Release Year: 2010
Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Cast: Mistress Eden, Slave Twitch
Video language: English

Mistress Eden comes in via train and expects some entertainment from slave twitch. He spends 68 minutes obligingly providing himself to Her to do as She pleases. Pantyhose cock and ball bondage begins as he kisses Her nylon covered ass and is used as a spittoon. Now, for some kicking and cock tease, then some face sitting and pussy licking as he is ordered into pantyhose. His ass is spanked and fucked before he kneels to show his devotion to Her feet.

Mistress Eden has arrived on the train wearing pantyhose and a short skirt. She speaks to the camera briefly, then orders slave twitch in. He and his cock and balls are bound with pairs of pantyhose, then his cock is teased with the nylon. She fastens nipple clamps to his nipples that ring like a bell when She jerks them. Mistress Eden binds his hands and introduces his face to Her ass. She turns for some face slapping before humiliating him again with Her ass.

Mistress Eden uses the bound and kneeling submissive as Her spittoon before removing Her silk blouse and entertaining his face in Her crotch. She uses his face front and back for some very satisfying kissing and sniffing. She removes Her pantyhose and ties the used pair tight around his head, then pops his mouth free to lick Her asshole completely clean. She tells him She can do a better job after he has been working hard for some time. Moving to the counter, She produces a roll of toilet paper, wipes Her ass and stuffs it in his mouth.

Mistress Eden slips into a pair of pantyhose as you lay at Her feet and look up. She rises to find a seam so She puts on another pair. Moving to twitch, She wraps pairs of hose around his hands and binds them to his head, then turns Her attention to his cock. Her feet fly as he is kicked and teased without mercy. The whirling redhead delivers non-stop verbal humiliation as his cock stays stiff from the rough play. She pulls a stool over and seats Herself to windmill kick his cock and teases him with Her toes.

Mistress Eden orders twitch to carry Her on his shoulders to the other room where She has some games to play with him. The spreader bar keeps his legs wide apart so She can kick and manipulate his cock and balls. She ties them up and ties his hands to his head, then plays with Her submissive, laughing as he grunts while She kicks his balls. Now to the floor where Mistress Eden face sits and orgasms with the help of a vibrator over his face as he is made to put on pantyhose. She teases his cock and face sits him a lot as he lays helpless beneath Her.

His cock pulses in his pantyhose as Mistress Eden finishes grinding Her pussy on his face and teasing him. She stands and tramples Her horny submissive, walking up and down him like a carpet. Her nylon feet prod and step on his still hard cock. She tells him it is time for more intense entertainment, and he is shown his new clothes in the other room. He meekly puts on his bra for Her as She smiles. He has to ask for help in fastening the clasp.

Her submissive finishes putting on his wedge heels and Mistress Eden likes the humiliating look on him. She moves to tie his hands tightly behind his back with pantyhose and bends him over the couch. She knows he is not a pain slut and cannot take much. She decides to try out the paddle first, and he squeals loudly into the couch as She warms him up. She next uses a plastic whip and steps on him to make sure he stays still. She wants to loosen up his ass a bit so She can fuck him and sticks a big butt plug in, then seizes the wooden paddle. She spanks him as the butt plug wants to jump out of his ass, then puts on Her strap-on and begins to fuck him from behind.

Mistress Eden bucks and grinds behind slave twitch, jamming Her hard rubber cock into him as he bends low. She steps a foot up and gives him a good rabbit fucking as he moans, his face smashed into the couch seat and his wig askew. She fucks him hard and decides he has had enough. She tells him She will allow him to show his devotion to Her pretty nylon-covered feet. She discards the strap-on and sits on the couch, placing Her feet on the cum board She has moved into position. He gazes in adoration at Her feet as he jerks off. She smiles and tells him to watch Her masturbate. She knows this will excite him tremendously and get him to cum faster. She is absolutely right as he pulls out a huge load of cum, his cock spasming and squirting multiple times, all directly onto Her gorgeous feet. She waits until he is completely drained, then orders him down to lick up the mess.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:08:03
Video: 720x404, Windows Media Video 9, 1904kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 965.3 MB