Release Year: 2009
Studio: Roman Video
Cast: Slave Bubba, Mistress Alexis Texas, Slave Aaron W., Mistress Alexis Breeze
Video language: English

Right off the bat, super hot Latina Mistress Alexis Breeze puts you in your place, "Get over here, slave. Get on your knees!" You obey this sultry naked goddess without question as she orders you to please her in this up-close POV. She bounces her heavy tan cheeks on your face, then drags you away by your leash.

Then watch her go to work on Slave Bubba, sitting hard on his face as he lies on a loveseat. He struggles to lick her pussy and ass as she grinds on his mouth. So excited by serving his mistress, Bubba can't help but try to masturbate. An angered Alexis forbids this and pulls his hands away.

She FACESITS and REVERSE FACESITS him, spreading her ass cheeks wide so he can drive his tongue deep into her pussy, then her asshole.

Later, on the bed, she continues showing her slave who's boss. She calls him a stupid white boy, only good for licking pussy as she SMOTHERS him. He desperately tries to play with his cock which only infuriates her. She repeatedly SLAPS HIS DICK, twists it, digs her fingernails into it and reminds him that she owns it.

She grinds her pussy and ass on his face, demanding that he worship only her until she has a loud intense orgasm.

Behold the thick, fleshy pussy lips of Mistress Alexis Texas! The Amazon blonde dome looms over you in an intense POV, letting you get close to her heavy butt cheeks and pussy. She wonders aloud if you're ready for what she has in store.

To the bedroom with Slave Aaron W., where Alexis plays with his handcuffs while SMOTHERING him with her fat white ass. He gasps deeply every time she lifts her crotch off his wet and bruised face.

She grinds her thick pussy lips on his nose, spins around and makes him stab his tongue into her asshole. She bounces her heavy buttocks on his skull and whips his head back and forth between her jiggling thighs.

Growing tired of her slave, Alexis hides the key to his handcuffs in her ass. She FACESITS him for a final time until he finds the key and manages to suck it into his mouth.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 58:39
Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1870kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 863.1 MB