Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Cast: slave cucky, Mistress Lexi
Video language: English

Young Mistress Lexi has cucky's cock locked in the cock stock. He stands there and takes it from the dark-haired sadist for 26 minutes. She keeps teasing him with that young ass of Hers and then hurting his precious cock and balls. High heels, a cock whip and Her hand take their toll until She puts him to the flame test. Jerking on his cock to see if it will get hard enough to burn itself! He passes the test and gets milked out into the gravy dish.

The young Mistress Lexi lays on Her back, crushing cucky's cock with the bottom of Her black strappy heel. She plays with Herself and tells him how much She enjoys his suffering at Her young hands. She teases his cock, and it strains to get hard while locked in the cock stock. She ties it up and whacks it around. This makes Her ultra horny, and She plays with Her pussy and lets him smell Her hand. Her tight ass teases and teases him as She belittles him telling him what an old, useless pervert he is and how he should be honored a young gorgeous woman would pay any attention to his cock and balls.

His cock is getting sorer and sorer, and Mistress Lexi will not stop teasing it after She torments. Her ass rubs on his cock, and then it gets whipped and punished for even thinking about drooling on Her tight, young buns. She tells him She is going to drain it out in the gravy boat and sits down to jerk him. His sore balls cough up loads of jism directly into the black dish. She calls to you to come and eat the cum She has milked out of the big slave's sore nuts.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 26:44
Video: 720x404, Windows Media Video 9, 1904kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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