Release Year: 2010
Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Cast: Slave Tom, Mistress Dia Zerva
Video language: English

Mistress Dia takes a pain loving submissive through 63 minutes of torment and tease before he is allowed to kneel and release onto Her shiny black high heels. Wrestling fans delight in the opening as She beats him up then he is strapped on his back for face sitting and cock bondage. Upright for corporeal punishment and a teasing with Her hand and a Fleshlight before he is ordered to jerk it.

Mistress Dia's rock hard body is accentuated by the strappy leather cinching Her tight. Looking like a gladiator Amazon, She puts the smirking slave tom to his back and puts him in some tight wrestling holds that really show off Her incredible physique. Powerful but very feminine, this blonde bombshell punches, tramples and chokes Her bitch. Several hard slaps find his cock that flops out, completely hard and then She plants Her ass full on his face for stomach punches.

The wrestling domination escalates as Mistress Dia gets on top and shows no mercy. She squats on his chest and delivers repeated blows. His front turns red then She stands and works his balls over underfoot before stepping up for trample. Her muscular claves bulge and Her face glows as the loser beneath Her is ordered to worship Her legs. First one bulging calf then the other are kissed and licked as he thanks Her for humiliating him in wrestling.

The loser is on his back, still sore from the wrestling beat down. Mistress Dia expertly ties up his cock and balls with twine and yanks them down and back, tying them off to the eyebolt she grabs a magazine on penis restraints and sits down on the helpless slave's face to read. He is treated to Her ass on his face for a minute before She produces the hitachi vibrator and uses it to masturbate until She cums hard on his face. He licks Her asshole clean and gets a taste of the vibrator on his nuts before She turns and sits back down heavily on his face.

Mistress Dia finishes pleasing Herself over the slave's face. Her legs shake and tremeble as She spasms multiple times. Having satisfied Herself, She is intent on providing as much pain as She got pleasure to the bound male. She seizes a brown whip and lashes his legs over and over, then moves up to his chest. She marks him then he is stood in the stock for the harsh wooden paddle. Next comes the heavy leather flogger.

Slave tom's ass is red and sour and a few more licks with the heavy cane from Mistress Dia bring cries from his lips. She has no mercy and picks up the brown single tail to work him over some more. She flicks the lash out over and over marking his legs and ass. He is used up from the lashing but his little cock shows some life as She sits down in front of him to see what condition it is in. It grows quickly and She inserts the little worm into the pink pussy of Her Fleshlight and commands him to fuck the soft rubber vagina for Her amusement.

His cock grows very hard and he wants to come into the soft rubber vagina Mistress Dia is making him fuck. She is laughing and yanks it off, scolding him and slapping his turgid cock. The vagina is reattached to his penis and he must fuck it some more for Her amusement. She removes it and uses Her hand to stroke him near climax. She is not going to do it for him and maneuvers him to kneel in front of Her and masturbate over Her shiny black patent leather high heels. She looks into his eyes and he cannot hold back, releasing a cascade of jism onto Her shoe tops. She commands him to bend low and kiss his foul poison.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:03:44
Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1149kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 568.8 MB