Release Year: 2011
Studio: Lakeview Entertainment
Cast: Slave Squirrel Balls, Mistress Christina Skye
Video language: English

Blonde Amazon Christina Skye dominates this little submissive for 69 minutes of pantyhose infused fun. She puts him through his paces with a lot of face sitting, foot and shoe worship and ball busting before strapping on and jamming Her cock up his tight asshole. Down in the dungeon he provides tongue service and then gets ridden and sucked in the chair. His load is extracted and snowballed down his throat straight from the Her mouth in a humiliating climax.

Mistress Christina, clad in a tight black baby doll, beige pantyhose and black strappy heels, allows slave squirrel balls to sniff Her pantyhose covered crotch and grovel for Her before setting his head on the bed and smothering him. She kicks him over and over in the balls and then orders him to remove and sniff Her shoes. Straddling him, the big Amazon dominates him with Her feet. Her manicured toes stand out inside Her nylons as She smiles while he suffers under Her feet.

Mistress Christina slides out of Her black thong and face sits slave squirrel balls. Her well-manicured fingers tie Her thong tight around his balls and she spanks them, making him squeal into Her ass. He is sniffing Her womanhood through the nylon and this is making him excited but Her palm slapping his balls is really hurting him. She takes his cock into Her mouth and sucks hard, making him groan in pleasure. She resumes spanking his balls, slapping them over and over until he is screaming into Her ass and using Her expert oral skills to keep him excited. She knows a man can take a lot more pain when he is aroused so She cycles the pleasure and pain.

The balls being spanked are ultra-sore now and he is delirious under Her nylon covered ass. In a final sadistic act, Mistress Christina bits hard on the sore balls and then rotates over him and exposes one of Her big firm, natural breasts. Leaning in, She coaxes him to suck Mommy's breast and allows him to worship. The blonde Amazon stands over him no, breasts bobbling deliciously and dominates him underfoot.

The blonde Amazon wiggles out of Her baby doll negligee after neck stomping the little slave on the floor. She moves between his legs and Her perfect size nine and a half feet stomp and kick his balls. She orders him to masturbate as She dominates his private parts underfoot. He is humiliated and compelled to beg for a butt fucking. The tall Goddess removes Her baby doll nightgown and straps on Her hard rubber cock. She orders him to suck it and he instantly complies, excited that he will be receiving Her cock. She orders him to all fours on the bed and penetrates him from behind.

A slow sensual fucking gives way to more harsh action as Her long nails rake down his back as She keeps him impaled on Her cock. Her perfect natural breasts bobble deliciously as She rams his ass full of Her hard rubber cock. She flips him to his back and finishes taking him with Her cock. Next scene begins in the dungeon and he provides tongue service to Her exposed pink pussy.

The tall Mistress is spread wide and enjoying the tongue action of Her little slave She moves him to his back against the chair and takes advantage of his face, ordering him to jerk his cock as he licks. Her wet pussy satisfied, She moves him into the chair and ties up his balls with white cord. She slaps his still sore balls and the sucks his puny cock until it grows stiff in Her talented mouth. The slave's head snaps back against the pole as She resumes slapping his tied balls, only to coax his cock harder again in Her wet mouth.

Straddling the bound male, Mistress Christina inserts his stiff cock into Her pussy and fucks him through Her pantyhose. She posts up and down and then, sensing he is ready to ejaculate, comes up off of his cock and makes him worship Her big natural breasts. She moves between his legs and begins to suck him again. This time She will be extracting his load and he squirms as Her cheeks indent from the suction. He can no longer hold out (no man can in Her mouth) and begs Her for release. She give him permission and resumes suctioning his cock. He groans and releases into Her mouth. She continues to suck until She is sure every last drop has been extracted from his sore balls and then moves above him to recycle his male poison back down his throat.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:09:17
Video: 720x404, Windows Media Video 9, 1904kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 974.9 MB