Release Year: 2009
Studio: juliettecaptured
Cast: Juliette

Juliette is sleeping in her bed, wearing a very nice babydoll-dress. She did not wake up until the intruder handgags her. He overpowers Juliette and tapes her mouth. After that Juliette gets her hands taped behind her back, her feets get also taped. The intruder asks her for money, but Juliette has nothing in the house. So what will the intruder do to his beautiful victim.....?Juliettes captor has find her leathercuffs. Now he will use them. He unties her hands and bind them to the bed with the cuffs. He also has find a piece of rope and uses it for some breastbondage. Now Juliette is secured to the bed and all she can do is struggle, struggle, struggle......Juliettes captor has find her leathercuffs. Now he has bind her to the bed. He searches for some Jewells or money but did not find anything. So will take something other. And that will be a good decision to have some fun with Juliette.......

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