Studio: 97% Amateurs
Cast: Gemma
Video language: English

Gemma is a 22 year old black gal about 6 months pregnant with 40D tits. Introduces herself. Turns around. Hands on her belly. Leans forward for a cleavage view. Sitting in her black underwear on our red drop stool. Brings her arms through her bra straps. Turns her bra inside out. Boob views from several angles. A low angle boob & belly view. Pushes her boobs tightly together. Big dark areolas. Cradles her boobs with both hands. Boob juggling. More boob juggling. Same in slow motion. Colliding boobs. Same in slow motion. Side to side boob swings. Same in slow motion. Lifts her left boob then drops it. Alternates left & right sides. Same in slow motion. Boob choke & wiggle. Same in slow motion. Grabs both boobs tightly. Pulls on her nipple. Pulls on her left nipple then lets go. Does it again. Wiggles her left boob by holding on to her nipple. Nipple flicking on her right side.

Laying on her back holding her boobs. Rubs her belly. Pulls her left nipple up & wiggles her boob by holding her nipple. Switches to her right side to do the same. Pulls up & lets go. Pulls up on both nipple & lets go. Pull her nipples up, together & lets go. Same in slow motion. Pumps her right nipple with our medium sized clear vacuum cup. Bounces her boob, then pulls up until the breast drops away. Her nipple has a drop of milk on it. More pulling & shaking on her left side. Has a hard time getting the cup off. It finally falls away & her nipple is very erect. We go to an even bigger cup. Slow motion wiggling.

Gemma on her hands & knees. We see her boobs hanging form the side & she gives them a wiggle. Same in slow motion. On her hands & knees facing us. Side to side wiggle. Nice movement. Slow motion side to side wiggle while facing us on her hands & knees. Sitting up & stretching out her right leg, then stretching her right hand towards her right ankle. Leans forward & wiggles her right breast by holding her right nipple. The white crusty stuff on her nipple is simply dried up milk. Stretching the nipple & we see more dried up milk right there. Leans forward, lifts her left nipple & boob up & then releases it. Same in slow motion. Standing pose. Takes her bottoms off & walks off the set. Comes back with a see-thru black piece of lingerie with solid black horizontal stripes. Lifts that up to show a different set of panties. Exposes her left boob & nipple. We zoom in. One boob wiggle of her left boob. Same in slow motion. Both boobs out. Pulls the lingerie up under her boobs. Running in place to see some boob bounce. Same in slow motion. Her right boob out. Leans forward to do a one boob leaning forward wiggle. Her boob makes very nice circles. Same in slow motion. Leans forward to have both boobs shown with the black lingerie as a backdrop. Swings them from side to side. Same in slow motion. A very low angle view. NICE! The boobs are both doing circles. Pulls the black lingerie down & steps out of it. Takes her brown striped panties off. Now standing there totally naked. We zoom in on her pussy. Squats to the ground. Her butt hits the floor. We look at her pussy from above with her legs pulled up towards her chest. Stands up. Walks off the set.

Comes back with blue panties & a white top. A side view of her belly. Turns around. Leans forward. Pulls her top forward to give us a cleavage view. Pulls the top off. Slow motion toss of her top. Jump & wiggle combo. Same in slow motion & that actually looks better. Does a crotch pull aside for a nice pussy view. Walks off the set. Comes back & we toss her a maternity swimsuit… TOO BIG! We switch to a black & white polka dot maternity suit & this is a much better fit. At least she will be able to grow into it. Makes some fitting adjustments. Turns around. Spanks her right butt cheek. Brings her arms through the swimsuit straps & pulls the top forward. We look at her boobs hanging forward with the inside of the top as a backdrop to her boobs. Gets out of the swimsuit. Walks off the set. Back with a pinkish pair of panties & a white & pink diagonally striped top. Pulls her boobs out of the top. Plays with her boobs. Her boobs totally exposed out of the top.

Pulls up on her boobs by grabbing her boobs above both nipples. Swings her boobs up & down. Some slow motion. Wiggles her boobs side to side. Slow motion sitting side to side wiggle. Gemma discovers our stash of Pyrex glass dildos. Puts it between her boobs. Then she works the dildo with her pussy. An above view of her pussy & dildo play. Gemma was not at all very vocal with her dildo play. Her pussy is obviously swollen from being pregnant & we see the dildo penetrate that swollen puffiness. Spreads the pussy a bit. Runs the tip of the red striped dildo up & down her pussy crack. Her pussy is very wet. A nice pussy close-up. Another view from above. Says she has made a new friend (with her new dildo) and she signs off… Royalty Free Music from Music-O-Man 2 "Dance Club" collection.

Format: avi
Duration: 35:36
Video: 852x480, DivX 5, 2416kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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