Studio: 97% Amateurs
Video language: English

Shy is 7 months pregnant & doing her first photo & video session with us. Introduces herself & quickly gets to showing us her belly. Gets out of her yellow pants & she has a 2 piece bikini on. Undoes the straps to the top & pops her left boob out. Massive nipples & areolas. We see both boobs up close. SHe complains about her dry skin, so we offer her some lotion. She puts it on her boobs. A little bit of boob juggling. Same in slow motion. Jumping. Same in slow motion. Wiggles her boobs side to side. Same in slow motion. Jumping Jacks. Same in slow motion. Pushes her boobs together in an East meets West pose. Colliding boobs. Same in slow motion. Bermuda triangle pose. Double that pose. Leans forward & wiggles her boobs side to side. Same in slow motion. Hands on her belly. Butt view. Leans forward & we see her boobs from between her legs & wiggles her boobs side to side. Same in slow motion. Boob choke & wiggle. Same in slow motion. Massaging her boobs with her hands deep into the boobs. SOme more juggling. LIfts her bikini top up over her boobs a couple of times. Same in slow motion. Nipple flicking with her bikini strap. Same in slow motion. Nipple flicking with her middle finger on her right nipple. Pulls on her right nipple & lets go. Same in slow motion. Changes to the left side. Lifts & drops her breast by lifting on the nipple. Poses with the bikini top in various positions. Bounces her boob up & down by placing the strap format he bikini top tightly over the middle of her nipple of the right side. Pulls her bikini bottom down to reveal a somewhat hairy muff area. We look at the belly merging into the pussy area. a slow squat tot he ground. Plops her ass to the floor. An overhead view of her body & belly. Rubs her belly a bit.

Another pussy view. Shy flat on her back plays with her boobs. We do a body scan head to toe with special attention to the pussy area. Juggles her boobs while on her back. We attach a vacuum cup over her right nipple big enough to cover all of her areola. Vacuum is applied & the nipple is sucked into the cup. Same in slow motion. Bounces the boob up & down with the cup still attached. Same in slow motion. Now using a much smaller cup that barely sucks up the protruding nipple portion itself.. Next a cup big enough to almost engulf the entire boob. We could call this boob under glass almost. Wiggles the boob back & forth. Still on her back legs pulled up to the chest with a nice pussy view from a lower angle. Puts her legs into a "V". Still on her back with the pussy far apart. Pulls her outer pussy lips apart. Clit closeup. Wiggles her pussy & lit. Pulls & releases her outer pussy lips. Same in slow motion. WIggles the fleshy pubic mound. Same in slow motion. WIggles the pussy lips side to side. We put Shy into a two piece red white & blue Budweiser bikini set. A very nice look for what is NOT a beer belly. Various views of her in the outfit. Jumps up & down in the set & nothing pops out. Jumping & turning in the Budweiser outfit. Same in slow motion. Jumping & turning. She turns all the way around. Same in slow motion. Jumping up & down & we try to get the boobs to pop out. SUCCESS! Same in slow motion. Jogging in place. various angles. Same in slow motion. Takes the bottoms off, then the top & walks off the set. Comes back with a blue & white patterned Maternity one-piece swimsuit. Gets into it. Various poses in the one-piece. Pulls the top down to show the boob hang. Wiggles her boobs together with her upper arms only. Same in slow motion. Gets out of the swimsuit & walks off the set for another change up. Shy selects a beautiful dildo & plays with it for several minutes. Some slow motion pussy action as the dildo is removed slowly. On hands & knees with knees far apart, belly hanging & boobs swinging from side to side.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 40:31
Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1149kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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