Studio: 97% Amateurs
Cast: Danyelle
Video language: English

Danyelle is in LACTATION mode with milk leaking out of her thin white bra. She undoes the cups of the nursing bra & displays fabulous lush nipples. Milk flows almost automatically with just a little pressure. This is the early milk which is almost clear. If you are not into milky boobs this clip is not for you. Her nipples poking out from a maternity bra. Drops hanging & free dripping from her boobs. Strictly for lactation fans. She has had her baby & her tummy has yet to regain pre-pregnancy size.

Here Danyelle helps the milk flow a bit by squeezing the breast. Her hands get really wet. Milk flowing, squirting & dribbling for the entire clip. Some extreme close-ups. Wiggles her boobs. You can tell they are quite full & swollen. Some slow motion wiggles. More squeezing & squirting. Squirting & dribbling as seen from a low angle. Drips on a clear plastic panel & smears it with her fingers. Milks into a clear glass bowl filled with water. Soma amazing milk & water reactions.

Manual breast pump play. How much milk can we get? Watch & see as the pump sucks the nipples into the clear collection bulb. Empties collected milk onto her breasts. More breast pump play. Manual pump, then we attaches the electric pump. Auto-suck at its best. More manual squeezing from 3:54 and on. Her hands are dripping wet & soaked. Does a dance move & wiggles her boobs as we film in slow motion. More electric breast pump action then manual milk expression. Double squeezing for quite a while... Waves good-bye to her fans. Soothing background music from our Royalty Free Music collections...

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 41:23
Video: 720x408, Windows Media Video 9, 1904kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 434.4 MB