Studio: 97% Amateurs
Cast: Kore Goddess, Danyelle
Video language: English

Danyelle & Kore show the difference between boobs of differing sizes. Kore is a 38JJ (& lactating) and Danyelle is pregnant & a solid C pushing a D cup. Some nice wiggles, shakes & then some squirting of milk. A nice slow motion boob wiggle from Kore. Nipple to nipple footage. Kore plays with Danyelle's nipples. They make a nipple sandwich with Kore's boob squeezed between Danyelle's. Danyelle wiggles Kore's monsters. Some boob juggling. Kore squirts, while Danyelle leaks some sweet colostrum from her boobs. Danyelle gets to suck on Kore's nipple.

A dancing swinging show with an occasional jump by Kore. We called this boob-flopping. She is quite the show-off! They both jump up and down. Danyelle feels the weight of Kore's boobs. Danyelle ass wiggle. SLow motion boob tosses by Kore. Kore smashes her boobs in Danyelle's. Danyelle strips 100% naked & lays herself on the floor. Kore squirts her belly & pussy with milk from her boobs. Nice dribble onto her pussy. Kore rubs some milk into the belly. Milk dribbling all over Danyelle's belly. Kore has sticky wet hands from continuous boob squeezing. Danyelle's belly is glistening with wet milk.

Some nice boob interactions between the two. They squeeze each other's breasts. Milk all over Danyelle's body courtesy of Kore. Danyelle is massaging her own breasts as well. This was the 2nd camera angle of the same scene. More than anything this scene is about milk all over Danyelle's pussy & belly... Some great Danyelle pussy closeups. Milk from Kore onto Danyelle's boobs. A nice boob massage by Kore. Milk squeezing & squirting by both throughout this portion. Danyelle glass dildo scene as seen from the 2nd camera angle. Milk lubrication is supplied by Kore. Danyelle dildo play. Kore adds some milk lubrication. Danyelle gets another taste of Kore's milk. BY the look on her face this is not high on her favorites list. She drools it out with a look on her face like she is about to toss her cookies. A variety of sound clips from our large Royalty Free Music library.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 46:30
Video: 720x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1904kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 526.9 MB