Studio: 97% Amateurs
Cast: Morena
Video language: English

Morena is 27 and 8 months pregnant. One of the larger 8 month bellies we have ever seen. Introduces herself & pulls her top up to expose her belly. Rubs the belly. Belly side view. Pulls the top off completely & we see that she does not have a bra on. Very wide breasts with deep dark chocolate colored nipples. Some boob juggling. Side to side & then another juggling variation. Slow motion of her boobs doing circles. Up & down of her boobs. Same in slow motion. Side view of her boobs being juggled. Same in slow motion.Boob choke & wiggle. Same in slow motion. Jumping with nice boob movement as we watch from various angles.

Bends forward & wiggles the boobs side to side. Same in slow motion. Pokes her boobs alternating left & right. Same in slow motion.Lifting & dropping her boobs. Same in slow motion. Sideways lean with a boob wiggle. Boob wiggle as seen from between her legs. Same in slow motion. Bermuda Triangle pose. Colliding boobs. Same in slow motion. Sitting pose with her massive boobs resting on her tummy. Side belly view while sitting. Rubs her belly a bit. Laying sideways we walk around her body. Then a view with Morena on her hands & knees belly hanging. Small side to side boob wiggle. Same in slow motion. Laying on her back.

We do a body scan starting from her tummy. Boob wiggle while on her back. Boob wiggle as we look from her head looking down on her body towards her belly. Same in slow motion. Nipple pulling & boob wiggles by playing with her right nipple. Then her left. Same in slow motion. Double nipple pull along with an up & down wiggle. We squeeze the nipples to do a milk check. A little bit of wetness. First one side then the other. We find a light blue maternity bra which Morena tries on. This is a 3 hook bra. Pops out the left nipple & boob. Her areola is massive by any standard. Pops both flaps of the maternity bra down. Wiggles her boobs with the balance of the bra.

leans forward & does it in slow motion. Pops the bra up over the boobs then takes it off. Holds it over her head. Tosses the bra in slow motion. We get her into a large black & white polka dot one piece maternity swimsuit. She pulls the top portion down & her fabulous boobs are exposed once more. Leans forward & wiggles side to side. Does some nipple flicking with the swimsuit strap on her left side. Same in slow motion. Slow motion jumping with a bounce not only to her boobs but her belly too. Still in her swimsuit with the top pulled down just a little past her belly button. We study the belly from various angles.

Our of the swimsuit & into some very stretchy athletic pants. Slow motion juggling with a full bend forward. On her back with her knees up. Even on her back the belly protrudes quite a lot. Another body scan. Spreads her leg to accentuate the belly curves even further. Toe to head body scan which really shows the belly very well. She gets herself into a standing position. We swap out into a funky medium blue metallic swimsuit which is quite a puzzle to put on. She shows it to us with the top held in her hands. Hands on her hips. A crotch shot & another belly view. Belly side view. Belly, boobs & butt views as she turns around, then leans forward. Wiggles her boobs. She signs off for her first photo session. You may have noticed we did not get to see pussy... Based on the models reluctance to do so. But definitely Morena is a totally different kind of pregnant model. I am sure PregnantUSA is the only place you will see her. Royalty Free Music from our giant collection. Selections from Backtraxx 1 their "Nature" selections.

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