Studio: 97% Amateurs
Cast: Anastasia, Renee, Roxie
Video language: English

Pregnant moms to be Roxie, Renee & Anastasia together for a rather unique session. They are 8 months, almost 5.5 months and almost 8.5 months... All unique & with their own charms. So pregnant White, Latin & Black. Different in every possible way. Our intro clip has an introduction, a show of bellies, bending over and then they show off all the differences between each other in the boob dept. Boob & nipple pulling, a three way bra toss then bending forward with the girls leaning on each other bellies in profile.

A slow turn to see the bellies from every angle. Battle of the bellies as we compare our 2 8 month girls first back to back then belly to belly. Roxie putting her head on Anastasias's belly to listen to a heartbeat. Sitting on the ground cross-legged. Then Roxie on her back & the other 2 put their hand on her belly in a "One for all, all for one MOMMY pose!" Roxie pushes some milk from one breast then wiggles the boobs by pushing on the sides & letting go. Some slow motion. Renee, Anastasia & Roxie sitting in a choo choo train formation on the floor. belly to back, belly to back pose. They all struggle to get up.

Side to side boob wiggling while standing. Wiggling while bending over. Some more belly to belly & nipple to nipple shots. They are all sitting at different heights, especially Renee who is quite short. Anastasia does a boob juggle from behind using Roxie's tits. Within the first 10 seconds of this clip they ALL get naked and work on getting into 3 different one-piece swimsuits. Renee into a Corona Extra suit, Anastasia into a black & white polka dot, & Roxie into a dark blue with white vertically striped suit. A parade of bellies. Side profile view of bellies.

Towards the end everyone pops their boobs out of the top. Roxie on her side on the floor, the other 2 sitting with legs apart. We get them all to strip out of the suit & strip naked, then we compare pussies from one to another as they stand there. One after another they squat to the ground. Then on all fours they turn with their butts (& pussies) facing towards the camera as we pan from one pussy & butt to another with pregnant bellies hanging between their legs... Very noticeable with Roxie and Anastasia, not so much with Renee. Renee leaning back against Anastasia & Roxie off to the left. Pussy closeup of Renee. Only Roxie has managed to stay shaved.

Then we line them up on the floor on their backs like a babay making production line. Roxie, Anastasia and Renee at the far range of the camera. A slow body scan of all three with their legs up in the air. Everyone on the side & we get a farewell wave goodbye. Perhaps the most challenging video & photo session we have done to date. It's easy posing one girl. It's difficult posing two. AND darn near impossible trying to get three girl to follow direction, keep their eyes open & not bump into each other... Hope you like the results!

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 35:33
Video: 720x408, Windows Media Video 9, 1149kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 260.5 MB