Release Year: 2010
Studio: IntoTheAttic
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish
Video language: English

Bijou showed up with a half eaten sandwich. Right away she wanted to finish it so, I figured it was a good time to get things started. I tied one arm up high behind her back and wrapped the other end of the rope around her neck to make a collar. Then I let her finish it. She is wearing a long black dress with black heels. She also has on a pair of panties that I told her to wear all day for me –all day at work and then late into the evening. I watch her as she eats the sandwich nervously. I pepper her with questions concerning her sex life. I ask her if I take those panties off what I will find in the crotch. She finds it hard to swallow the sandwich, the rope tightly wound about her neck.
When we find her next she is wearing the same outfit, tied in much the same way. A rope connects her neck to the ceiling while another attached to her neck supports a bowling ball hanging behind her back. Another woman’s heels are sitting in an arch around her position. When I get to her I place manacles on her ankles with a short chain between them. I tape pencils between the fingers of her free hand. They leave her with a never ending source of deep seated discomfort. When I squeeze them she sucks in air quick, grimaces and lets out a sharp moan of pain. Her dress is untied in the back and pulled down below her breasts exposing her now bare titties. When she sees me approach her with nipple clamps she sucks in a deep breath, grits her teeth and sets her face in stone. When it is clamped on she screams out. When the other is clamped down her ears turn red and she blurts out, “Oh fuck!” I ask her how much pussy hair she has and then pull a clear bag over her head. That seems the least of her worries right now as she deals with the pain of those nipple clamps. And that only gets worse as I weight them down with heavy locks before tying a leather cord around her neck to seal the bag off. I make her tell me, from inside her little bag, what she thinks about when she masturbates. She tries to breath as little as possible fearing the bag will close around her face. But with each intake and exhalation of breath the bag does close and expand around her head and face. She swallows hard trying to maintain her composure. But we can see an undercurrent of panic just below the surface. She instinctively reaches up to pull the bag from her face with that free hand only to discover searing pain when she bumps the pencils taped between her fingers. But the growing panic only makes her do it again. She tells me she is worried, worried she isn’t getting enough air. I make her ask me for it. For fresh air. Then thank me when she gets it. Breathing is definitely something you need to get permission for. When I think she’s had enough fresh air I seal the bag back as she begins to whimper and cry about it. The bag makes a crinkling noise with each breath she takes. It grows hot and stuffy within seconds for her. A minute later the air is dead and stale inside. She starts to cry. Her eyes get distant. She’s trying hard to keep herself under control. I press the Hitachi up to her cunt through those dirty panties and get her off for a bit, fuck up her breathing in that bag. After a second she blurts out how she can’t breathe and begs me for fresh air. I give her just a little bit and then make her tell me all about the last time she got fucked. I hang more weights on her nipple clamps, seal her bag back up and start vibbing her cunt off again. She’s torn between the good feeling down below and the real bad panic-y one up top. Soon she’s begging for more fresh air as one of the nipple clamps is pulled off from the heavy weights. She screams out in pain. But she also screams out for an orgasm. She begs for it, begs for it as though she were begging for her own life. Begging behind that bag over her head. The other clamp pulls itself off and she continues to beg for it. Pleads over and over again for permission to cum. When she is at her apex of desire I deny her. I remove the vibrator, pull her bag off her head and then ball gag her with a huge black ball gag. She is shaking her head no as I buckle it in. Then I pull the bag back over her head and leave her there.

Format: asf
Duration: 1:54:23
Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 1.7 GB