Just as Flame thought her tumultuous time had ended...she was wrong. After the shock therapy and her time on the pulse throne, she is led into a barren cell. Inside the cell is nothing but a pole that she shall soon find herself wrapped to...Again, she is tempted with peril and pleasure. Again, she wrestles for freedom. Despite her best intentions, despite her will to remain pure, Flame simply cannot help the primal urges that are nestled between her legs. The sinister plan here is apparent, the Mighty Flame shall succumb, thus robbing her of her powers and making Earth an even more vulnerable target. And just when it seems that all hope is lost...Sinnful springs from the shadows. Can she save our Damsel in distress? Can she possibly assist in disarming this sinister plan? Or shall she join Flame by falling into the same trap? Stay tuned..

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