Release Year: 2010
Studio: IntoTheAttic
Cast: Juniper
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Fetish
Video language: English

Juniper is one of those chicks that leaves you distracted after meeting her. She's so sweet and eager. If you came in contact with her on a frequent basis you'd be thinking of how to get down her pants. Once we get her in the interview seat we find out what makes her tick. What types of things she likes sexually. Her masturbation schedule. She let us know she has only been tied up once in her life. A BF from a couple of years ago. And now, because of that experience she wants more. She can't quit fantasizing about it. She takes another sip of coffee and explains how she has never been gagged (the thought scares her), how she is nervous. That's when she is asked to remove her shirt.
She is on her belly and shirtless. Her long green skirt hiding her red panties. Her Davy Crockett boots are still on. Her left arm is pulled up by the wrists behind her back, quite high, almost to her neck --and it is tied off to her neck. Her other wrist is also behind her back and tied to the elbow of the other arm. Her face is growing red from the pressure around her neck. One leg is doubled over onto itself and tied off. She is told to get back on her knees as best she can. That's because she now has some cock sucking to do. I stand up to her face hole and tell her to take it in. A couple of coughs later, a swallowing hard of whatever was coming up, I grab the back of her head and force her a little further down. She almost throws up. She seems a bit hesitant to me. Her face gets slapped with the cock. This all seemed rather distressful for her and we haven't even met Luther yet. She's told to get back on her belly and she's gagged. After spreading her legs she gets her first ever vibrator to the cunt. It only takes moments before she is breathing in halted, raspy breaths. Clearly she is moving into a zone she hasn't experienced before. The look on her face tells you it is in direct contact with what's taking place with her cunt. We hear her say, "Oh god." It was breathy and brimming with distraction, with need and desire. She's starting to lose track of space and time. I have to warn her not to do anything without permission. I make her repeat it back to me. But it's clear this girl has no self-control. She pulls off three orgasms so fast she can't even talk. Afterward, I cut her panties from her body, then show her and make her smell the soiled spot in the crotch before stuffing them into her face hole and taping them in. Then she is told to lay back on her arms and spread her legs. When I bring out a vacuum tube for her clit she starts chanting, "Oh my god...Oh my god". Barely discernible. Once that tube has her little dick sucked up inside Big Black gets shoved into her hole and off we go toward one hell of a fucking for this girl. Immediately she begins grunting and screaming out. You'd think she was running a 100 yard dash by the way she is trying to catch her breath. She said she likes 'em big. The whimpering, the crying, the desperation in the sounds she is making, the calling out to a higher power --yeah, she's getting stuffed. I wonder how her panties taste?
She is completely nude save for her snake skin heels. Her arms are bound together behind her back. From the wrists all the way up to the shoulders, her arms are plastered together. Time for the Luther Meet & Greet. To get started, I placed lit cigarettes into each nostril. She struggles with this, almost immediately telling me she didn't think she could do it. But with encouragement I have her start things off with a lap dance for Luther. She's like, whose Luther? --puffs of smoke billowing from her mouth that she keeps sucking through her nose. With tears falling she gets started with her dance. Her heels click and she coughs a few times as her lithe body gets into a groove Luther is beginning to like. Then she is made to fuck Luther doggy style before getting onto her knees to finish up the job with her face hole.
Juniper is nude. She is hanging by her ankles over two copper sheets. Her wrists are bound behind her back and tied up to the chain supporting her. Her face is turning red from hanging upside down. She is just swinging there, waiting. Her hair is just long enough to touch the floor beneath her head. She has her first ever nipple clamps placed on her breasts. Before I actually clamp it down on her nipple she starts in with that "Oh god" shit again. And once they are clamped down she lets out some desperate screams peppered with statements like, "Oh fuck!" and then just sobs. Crying sobs. She manages to pull herself together but it's clear her demeanor has now changed. As I begin to hook up copper wiring to her nipple clamps she begins to break down again. She just can't seem to stop crying now. It is as though she knows what's coming and feels defeated by it. When the electricity gets turned on she loses it. If she appeared defeated before she's in an outright panic state now. Screaming doesn't quite get to the heart of it. Its more than that. It's like she is being eviscerated. Her face is contorted from pain and fear and shock. She tries to lift her body up but can only do so momentarily --she just can't get away from it. Even when the Hitachi hits her cunt the sobs come on even stronger --nothing seems to assuage the discomfort, her predicament.
We find Juniper butt naked and tied into a frame work of bamboo poles, in a bit of a spread-eagle. One of her legs is bound back and upward, it's foot, the big and small toe of said foot bound out in opposite directions. It's in a perfect place to be punished. A rope gag also keeps her head pulled backward while the ass hook filling her bum is tied off tightly to her neck. A fuck stick is mounted in her cunt. It is all new to her. I start off by checking to see how ticklish she is. Her sequestered foot gets it first, then the sides of her torso. I dig in and leave her screaming for mercy. It is relentless to the point she finds it impossible to hang on any longer. She begs for it to stop. So I do. Instead, I grab the thin wooden paint paddle and pop her on the bottom of that sequestered foot. Her demeanor changed immediately. It caused her to begin crying, to start sobbing within an instant. That one hit completely broke her down. It required nothing less than the Hitachi to bring her out of it. But once it hit her cunt she let me know she was a big fan of vibrators now. I warned her not to cum again without permission. It was clear she was quickly building to a need. Then she suddenly began begging for it. Pleading for permission. Denied. She even asked "pretty please?". She's humping that fuck stick now as best she can as the vib hums away. She starts in with the begging again and this time I let her know she'll need to ask me to smack that foot again with the same flat piece of wood. She grows silent for a second or two before announcing: "Okay! Hit my foot again!" I let her know it is going to be much harder than the last but she wants that pussy happy and wet. When that wood meets the bottom of her foot this time the scream that comes from her face hole is profound. It is followed with heaving sobs. Complete loss of control. It reminds you of what those Middle-eastern women sound like when they are at the Wailing Wall. Is she even going to be able to have an orgasm after that?

Format: asf
Duration: 58:58
Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 1379kbps
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