Release Year: 2002
Studio: Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC) / Elia Films / Procirep
Genres: Gay
Video language: French

It seemed that we all learned about the pornography business. There are films about actors, producers, distributors of pornography. Filmed on the light, heavy, straight and gay porn. The only topic that is still silent - those for whom everything is done, the audience themselves.
For the first time in the history of film director turned to the controversial topic: what's happening in pornokinoteatrah during a session? This is not to say, the more to show. Customers tend to pornozalov complete anonymity. But why did they then do not buy the video?
Why do they necessarily need to enter a session where they can expect the unexpected encounter with an acquaintance, police raid, and other humiliations? The film touches not only scandalous, but very profound questions. And solve them openly, but responsibly, never resorting to vulgar speculation on the subject.
Small pornozal Paris, which is becoming smaller. Drained by the audience. In the window cashier is the most common flea and passers-by, but in the darkness of the hall, they are transformed. There are those who came just to be excited by the pictures on the screen. But here they are in the minority. The film breaks with Jacques Nolo prejudices of those who undertakes to talk about porn, never visited the actual rooms: the image on screen has always played a secondary role here. Viewers will inevitably come into a strange relationship, because they are forced to pick up the behavior of peripheral vision neighbor. Who are they to each other? Witnesses, judges, associates, extras? The director himself plays a regular customer, who is clearly sympathetic to the cashier. The purpose of his visits to understand the most difficult: he does not seek to tie a fleeting acquaintance, he was not very interested in what is happening on the screen. He writes something, but only for the blind. Perhaps it comes ponostalgirovat. But can the porn be the subject of nostalgia? Nostalgia implies a distance, and the excitement does not leave room for detached scrutiny. If porn can cause nostalgia, this is not porn. Or those who feel nostalgic - not yet studied form of pervert ...
Extras. Information: For the first time a movie line, "MK-Another movie," "Pussy with two heads," was shown at the Cannes Festival "Un Certain Regard."
The world premiere took place in St. Petersburg. Movie theaters showing the film in Moscow were afraid even to the evening sessions after 22:00

Format: mkv
Duration: 1:24:51
Video: 1280x784, XviD
Audio: 187kbps

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