Starring: Kyle, Shane, Zach
Categories: BDSM, Fetish

Master Zach finishes his “medical tests” before collecting twink-boy Shane’s sperm, using the anal spreader to give Shane a sense of what a long, fat cock would feel like jammed up his tight asshole. Finally, after passing all the tests, Shane jerks himself off to donate his cum. Then, just when you think the action is over, Master Zach drags in another boy, wrestling stud Kyle! Kyle, too, wants to donate his sperm with a quick jerk off for cash, but Zach informs him of the “testing protocol” that must be followed before a donation. Before he even has a chance to ask questions, Kyle is electro-shocked in the nipples and groin, making his whole sinewy body spasm.
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280x720
Runtime: 11 min.

File size: 246.3 MB