Produced in: 12th September 2007
Duration: 9min 36sec
Name: Ben - 4. Shackled up in medieval stocks, flogged, and systematically violated in every hole.

When you capture a straight man as big as this one, you have to make sure they are properly restrained. Imagine what this great brute could do to us if he got loose.

Our medieval stocks keep him secure and vulnerable - all he can do is clutch and unclutch his fingers in rage and pain as we swarm around him, cramming cock into both his holes.
The ungrateful oaf doesn't seem to like our dick on a stick being shoved down his throat. Perhaps he doesn't know that's the only lube he's gonna get on it for Jake to ram it up his big tight arse.

All this should have got his arsehole nicely opened up for me, shouldn't it? But when I shove my rock hard cock up there, it's tight as hell! Maybe it's those enormous strong buttock muscles, gripping around my dick, trying to push me out, as he cries and gasps for me to stop. It just makes the fuck feel even better.

To shut him up, Jake facefucks him while I violate his back end. Ben seems to hate a cock being slapped and wiped on his face almost as much as he does having it thrust down his throat. When we've had our fill of sex, I attach a painful weighted clip to his cock... and leave him to suffer.

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