Produced in: July 2007
Duration: 8min 01sec
Name: Scott 3. Having been thrashed until tears flowed, the dumb rugby boy is ordered to wank off for our perverted viewing pleasure.

As a finale to my blackmail of Scott, and to nicely round off his humiliation, I've put his incriminating photos on display and ordered him to masturbate over them... while thinking about what he's done.

This boy is not at all happy about the situation he's found himself in - his face is a picture of abject misery throughout.
He's not horny, there's no women, no privacy. His legs are spread wide, touching other men, allowing them to see everything.

He feels voyeuristic eyes boring into him from every direction, as we freely discuss his body, his balls and his healthy hard dick.

Burning with shame and regret, Scott's probably mentally cursing the very photos he's wanking over, in his frantic efforts to get hard, get off and get away from us as fast as possible.

But despite his obvious discomfort, when he finally spurts, he jets out several impressive streams of spunk. However, knowing this cumshot is going to be watched over and over again by you and I, makes this particular climax anything but pleasurable for him.

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