What a great pairing for today's Raunchy Sex Duo, Rado Zuska and Milos Zambo. Milos goes into a cafe and orders a soft drink. The waiter delivers it to him and Rado also arrives. He too orders a non-alcoholic drink, and the waiter recommends a Raspberry Lemonade. The waiter has an arrangement with Milos and as he prepares Rado's drink he drops a pill into it and stirs it until it is dissolved. Rado is served the drink and as he sips it he is quickly affected by the drug. He drinks more and soon falls asleep. Milos thanks the waiter for his assistance and proceeds to drag Rado into a dungeon room. Once there he rips Rado's clothes from his body. We then see Milos, with his face covered and wearing only sheer black briefs, holding a dog on a chain. He goes back downstairs, where Rado is ripping a bag that encases him, and we see his has a bug muzzle on his face. Rado is in a cage with Milos and the dog outside. Milos puts the dog in another room and returns to Rado, where he begins to work on him. Rado's cock is rock hard at this point and he has a collar, with leash, around his neck. Milos removes his briefs and gets himself hard as well. Then he drops to his knees and starts sucking on Rado's big cock. He works is mouth over that cock for a while, sucking it nice and deep and then he stands and unshackles Rado. He forces Rado to suck him too, holding the leash so he can pull the mouth onto his cock. He fucks that mouth hard and fast and then gets Rado onto his knees. Taking a drink of beer, from a bottle Milos then pours some over Rado's head, so that it runs into a dog bowl. Rado is forced to drink the beer from the bowl. Milos' cock stays rock hard throughout this action and he decides he wants some ass. With Rado still on his knees Milos slams his cock in and out of his hole, going as deep as he can, with Rado taking it very welll. Having really loosened that hole with his big cock Milos then sits on the floor and has Rado ride him. Rado works his ass up and down over that throbbing dick. Then he leans back and supports himself as Milos fucks that hole, really pounding it as hard as he can. They change position, to spoon, and Milos continues to fuck that hot hole. Rado can really take it hard and wanks his cock as he feels that cock deep inside him. Milos is ready to cum and has Rado kneel and wank himself to a massive climax. Milos quickly follows suit, dumping his cum all over Rado's chest. He then sends Rado on his way, having fully satisfied his needs.

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