Produced in: 27th January 2010
Duration: 10 min 13 sec
Name: Given a cold enema, buttplugged to keep it all in, made to suck my cock and lick my arse until he pukes, made to swallow my cum before being allowed to expel the painful enema

Cowed and shaking after being thrashed and left hanging, Mo's pleading and whimpering as I finally let his aching arms down from the ceiling. But this isn't a break for the little fucker. I throw him onto his back and grab a pail of cold soapy water from behind the bar. Time to clean the cunt out.

I thrust the nozzle of the enema bottle deep inside him, and squirt several loads of water in, one after the other, as the helpless straight twat moans in pain, his guts cramping and expanding to the limit.
But instead of succumbing to his begging for me to let him expel the water, I just laugh and shove a huge round buttplug up there. Mo has no choice but to hold it all in - I don't care if his arse is "about to explode."

I decide to take my pleasure from the wretched lad while he's utterly desperate - I lie down and demand a decent blowjob, with proper suction and tongue action. Miserable Mo does as he's told - he has no choice - if he ever wants to let the water out of his bulging stomach, he'd better make me happy.
I shove his head right down on my dick until he almost chokes on his own bile, with the unwelcome erection thrust all the way down his convulsing throat. With Mo's puke on my balls, I make him lick all the way down my perenium and eat out my arsehole - and with no other options, and tears in his eyes, Mo begins rimming and sucking my sphincter, obeying my commands to get his tongue right into the hole.

I'm finally ready to shoot, and I throw him onto his back, get his mouth wide open, and spunk right up his nose and onto his unwilling tongue. The stupid fucker even swallows the milky mess, an expression of total sickness and disgust etched onto his handsome face.

I remove the plug, but Mo's is mixed with yet more humiliation - I only allow him to squirt out the anal water over a bucket, making him crouch there naked on a leash, like some kind of animal, uncomfortable jets of water coming out of his arse as he moans with misery. I just laugh, plotting even more sadistic torments for this broken, helpless fucker.

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