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Scene 1: Starts with young James Allen tied to a massage table with nowhere to go. Daddy Darby, a huge bear, introduces young James to all the fun people have with the pinwheel. James wriggles around and calls for help but can find no escape from the sensitive nature of the wheel. He is also made to please Darby by sucking his cock while still tied to the table. Darby also sees it as a way of trying out some nipple play. Again the young helpless, James, is tied to the table. Darby returns with yet more goodies to play with. This time pegs. Daddy Darby carefully places his pegs all around James' nipples and balls. Again young James is helpless and can do nothing to escape the pain he is in. Starting off on his knees, James Allen soon finds his balls encased in a leather harness, weighing him down. He is then forced to suck and play with Darby's cock and nipples. This scene sees young James take a face full of cum before he himself came over Darby's boots.
Scene 2: This scene is all about pleasing Daddy Darby. The huge bear treats young James with no regard. James is yet again made to take all sorts of abuse, from nipple play to the pinwheel. Darby sees it fitting to cum over young James and them for him to finish himself off while lying on the massage table.

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