Starring: Yossie
Categories: Bondage

It's our opinion that every house should have a jail cell in the basement. I guess that won't happen any time soon, but our friend Yossie is leading the way with a deluxe play room and cell designed for long-term incarceration. Yep! Hiatt shackles mounted to the cell wall prevent the prisoner from even touching the cell bars, and an infrared camera allow 24x7 monitoring of a guest during their lonely nighttime hours. What more could someone want in a residential bondage facility?
In this video our friend Chuck spends some upright time in the cell restrained in some ultra-cool metal gear from RigidCuff, and then teases another prisoner by dangling the cell keys right in his face - but just out of reach. To add to the prisoner's frustration, Chuck locks him in a Carrara chastity belt which prevents him from playing with himself during his long stay. We had no Chuck was such a sadistic guy. Good work Chuck!
The truth of the matter is that having a jail cell in your basement is a lot of fun, and as you will see in this video we have a lot of fun when we visit Yossie. Thank you for inviting us over Yossie!
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