Release Year: 2005
Studio: Coxxx, Cazzo Films
Cast: Besim Berischa, Fluffy, George, Hans Blond, Jack Turner, Jan Losch, Jann Pruitt Homme, Jiri Ceiver, Joey Jo, Josh Ford, Kurtwood Feuer, Marek Berlin, Marko Isak, Miguelus, No Adonis, Phil Deep, Pierre Lind, Piet Norden, Pit Worker, Rainer, Ralf Liebe, Shaw
Genres: Plot Based, BDSM, Bondage, Fetish, Leather, Rubber, Fisting, Arthouse Film

In a spectacle that is somewhere between performance art and existential statement, 24 fucked up bastards make a journey to their own personal hell. A sperm-flooded perverse nightmare of fisting, latex and pissing, and mud fucking.

Hans Blond receives a text message: "Come Down". So he goes down, way down, to the murky catacombs and subways of Berlin - way down into a surreal world of hardcore sex. Some may find the film disturbing. I thought it was gripping, fascinating and hot.

"If assholes could fly this would be an airport."

The guys in this film are definitely NOT your 'boy next door' type, most have multiple tattoos and piercings. Tall hairy chested Jan Losch (mid 30s) has heavy rings through his nipples and a Prince Albert, his back is tattooed as is his stomach and his long cock. He also has a large tattooed sun radiating around his arse hole. He stars with Feuer (who wears a gas mask throughout and also has tattoos and Albert) and young Josh Ford. In the first half of their scene, Ford gets shagged by the other two. At one point Losch gets fisted by Feuer as he fucks Ford. In the second half of the scene, Ford loosens the other two's muscle holes with aubergines before fisting them both. Ford is a personal favourite so I was disappointed that he ended up on a mortuary slab!

The hot young guy with the beenie hat on the box cover is Pit Worker and he appears in several scenes. In the opening one his smooth body is covered in engine oil as he sucks Adonis' big cock then takes it up his tight shaved hole in a threesome with Barischa. He has 2 other scenes with Adonis including one where they are both splattered in blood. He has a final scene with Marko - he sucks the cute Marko as Marko sniffs Pit's Nike sports socks. Marko, by the way is cute, and so are George and Jack.

"Life is 2 short 2 dance with ugly men."

Two punks have some mud fun in a mirror-walled lift. Red haired Fluffy sucks green haired Stopsel, before getting fucked, pissed on and fisted by him. A security officer watches all this on CCTV as he wanks his big cock under the desk.

There's much more going on, such as an irrigation scene and a contemporary dance routine where the 5 dancers squat on 5 super large dildos.

Exceptionally for a Cazzo film, most of the fucking is bareback. As I said earlier, this film is hot and totally engrossing - but it won't be to everyone's taste. There's only one way to find out - buy it!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:54:58
Video: 720x576, XviD, 1400kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.3 GB