Produced in: 28th October 2009
Duration: 14 min 20 sec
Name: Metal bondage, blindfolded and chased round the bar being whipped, pushed down to fuck himself on the dildo box, made to suck cocks, covered in cum, and pissed all over by several men.

Our captured straight lad Peter has been dragged into a leather bar, stripped naked and mauled by the horny punters, and now they're after some real fun. I slap a metal pillory on the cunt and tie a blindfold round his eyes as my mates taunt him - "We'll let you go, if you can find the door!"

Peter desperately staggers around, his naked cock flapping about as he lurches unsteadily to and fro, meeting only lecherous groping hands at every turn, as he helplessly tries to escape. His bare arse is slapped, his nipples pinched, his body flogged from top to toe wherever he goes.

Needless to say, Peter can't get away - and when I whip off the blindfold, he sees that up till now, we've just been toying with him. Confronted with a thick dildo mounted on a box, he frantically tries to pull away, begging and pleading with us to let him go, to spare his virgin arsehole from the agonising fate in front of him.

A couple of us push the screaming lad down onto the cock, watching as his tight, untouched sphincter slowly and painfully gives way to the hard rubber cock. The crowd roars with horned up approval, as our strong hands grip the pathetic straight lad, moving him up and down on the dick, making him fuck himself over and over again.
Peter begs and wails in despair as the excruciating pain in his hole gets worse and worse, but we show him no mercy until his torment has made several cocks stiff with perverted lust.

One of my mates steps up and crams his engorged cock down Peter's throat, refusing to take no for an answer as I help him wrench open the crying fella's mouth. He fucks his unwilling throat, hard and fast, as the sight of it makes another muscular top step in to take his turn on the straight cockwhore too. made to serve two rampant, throbbing cocks, tears run down Peter's face as his mouth is filled with the dripping man meat.

Finally, the two men spurt ropes of hot cum all over the straight lad's distressed face. Rubbing it in, Peter is covered in a thick coating of fresh cum, in his eyes, on his chest, in his hair. Laughing, a few of us take it in turns to 'wash' him clean - with our piss. The stinking yellow showers never seem to end as man after man steps up to his bladder all over the snivelling twat. He may think he's in hell now, but there's even more to come...

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