Produced in: 23rd December 2009
Duration: 9 min 37 sec
Name: Tied up, a ring gag holding his mouth open, made to swallow our cocks before being roughly spitroasted and covered in our cum

Now Noah's had his orgasm, it's time for Rueben and I to have some fun. Noah struggles and yells as I tie his hands, but he knows nobody's listening. Tired of her whimpering, we'd shoved Noah's girlfriend into the closet, leaving only Rueben and I to witness his torment. Noah wriggles uselessly as Rueben wraps his belt around his neck, tightening it as I order the scared 19 year old to meet my eyes: "you're gonna suck both our cocks". The naive little bitch has never tasted a real man's cock before. Soon he'll be our very own fucktoy.

Rueben grabs Noah's jaw, pulling his mouth open as I shove a ring gag into what will soon be our cumhole. He continues to struggle, but his hands are tied and his mouth is held open now, as if he's inviting us to ram our hard cocks down his unwilling throat. I watch as Reuben orders our new whore to suck his dick. Noah gags and chokes, drool from the gag running down Rueben's straining cock, as Rueben thrusts harder.

Noah's face is turning red, screwed up in disgust. I'm painfully hard and I demand a turn with his mouth. I drag him around to face me and order him to suck my cock. His tongue and throat feel amazing as I slide my dick between his unwilling lips, and I grin as I begin to really drive my cock in, taking my pleasure from his hot, heterosexual mouth. Noah is on his hands and knees like a dog: our dirty pet whore. The gag should be really hurting by now, his jaw will be aching and I know the lad will be ready to agree to anything if we let him take it off. Unfortunately, the price will be high.

I ask Noah if he'll suck my cock properly if I take the painful gag off and he replies quickly, desperately, with a 'yes'. The dirty little slut has no excuses now; he's a proper little manbitch, our own filthy cocksucking whore. Yet it doesn't feel like he's putting in as much effort as a slut like him should. Rueben smacks his firm, muscular ass. "You'd better try harder," he threatens. But despite Noah's desperate gagging, he isn't trying hard enough.

Noah looks totally defeated as we order him to bend over like the dirty cunt he is. He begins to yell and moan in earnest when Rueben enters his virgin cunt, begging Rueben to stop. It only spurs Rueben on, and he begins to thrust harder into Noah's hole. The lad's face is screwed up in agony as his virgin ass is violated for the first ever time. I wonder how he'll ever sleep in this room again. I begin to wank in front of the young guy's traumatized face. Soon, I can hold off no longer and shove my cock into his mouth, spitroasting him like the filthy pig he is. He groans in pain around my cock as Rueben drives deep into his ass, filling him completely with dick.

Noah looks completely broken as Rueben fucks him harder. His ass is still red from the spanking as Rueben pounds into him, before withdrawing his impressively hard cock and wanking off over the 19 year old's gaping asshole. I the feel of Noah's throat around my cock as Rueben cums over the lad's muscular ass globes like he's some kind of sluttish, centerfold. "Fuck you," Noah groans, a last flicker of resistance, a final reminder of the cocky, popular lad he used to be.
Luckily, I know just how to crush him for good; I tell the little fuckpig that I'm going to cum all over his face. I smirk as I see his eyes darken in horror; this is always the hardest for the cocky straight shits to take. Barely holding back, I turn him over and slowly wank my dripping erection over his horrified face. I can only imagine the terrible anticipation Noah is suffering as he waits for me to ejaculate. With that sight in front of me it doesn't take long. I remember the arrogant cunt that Noah had once been as I cum over his defeated face, and look at the broken little fucktoy we've reduced him to.

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