Starring: Prisoner
Categories: Bondage

With all systems go, JG pulls out all the stops and rides The Creature at full throttle. Without a doubt, this is an example of Rube Goldberg and Steampunk at its finest, competing with the likes of Jules Vern and George Lucas for eye-popping exploration into otherly worlds.
The Creature is an intricate collection of technology specifically designed to assault the prisoner with an intense and multi-pronged stimulation experience. This includes powerful vacuum suction and e-stim on the breasts and cock, urethral piss control, electrified butt plug, complete isolation, rubber enclosure, breath control, suspension bondage, helpless-mitt finger control, and powerful spring retention of all four limbs which isolates the captive from any physical traction against a solid surface. As you will see, once JG is fully installed in the Creature, there is no turning back. Once his feet leave the floor and the pumps and e-stim systems are activated, he can kiss reality goodbye. This is as real as it gets folks, fasten your seatbelts, and don't blame us if you have nightmares.
JG's rubber helpless mitts are custom made by Mr. S, and his stainless steel wrist and ankle shackles are custom made by Axsmar.
Format: wmv
Resolution: 720x480
Runtime: 48 min.

File size: 727.1 MB