Produced in: 7th December 2011
Duration: 31min 01sec
Name: Clothes shredded, hook inserted up his hole, arse canned, balls bound, taught to suck dick and lick male arsehole while in painful bondage

On the street Jordan considers himself to be top dog, pushing drugs and pimping out his bitches. We want to tame this tough gangster and teach him how to work like his whores. That long silky mane of his is extremely useful in holding his anal hook in place and keeping his head up for training. With his balls yanked painfully and his arsehole burning Jordan has to strain painfully to plant his lips over Adrian's cock and push his tongue up Dave's arse. It's a public service we're doing punishing and humbling this thug. But we're not expecting handouts from the government for our work; the satisfaction of using this straight cunt's body is payment enough.

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