Produced in: 19th March 2008
Duration: 12 min 51 sec
Name: Hard and fast foot caning, pounded with the fucking machine, and turned into a human vase...

I've got Carl all trussed up in a ball gag bridle, distorting his smooth young face and holding his feet up high and vulnerable. He seems determined not to give me the satisfaction of hearing him suffer, which I take as a challenge - time for the cane... on his feet.

After a couple of cane strokes on Carl's tender soles, he's screaming and begging through the gag, his desperate sounds making drool bubbles drip down his chin. His feet kick around, his toes curling urgently, as he tries to cope with the onslaught of agonising blows.

But I can't resist Carl's tempting bubble butt any longer - and I'm going to bust his hole wide open. A power tool mounted dildo - the perfect tool for breaking in a virgin straight arse. The mere sight of it is enough to make Carl wince in fear, and he yelps in pain when I ram it deep into his guts.

When I power the machine up, Carl's squeals and moans get louder and louder as the nefarious device pounds in and out of his arse without mercy. I turn it up faster and faster, watching his hole stretched to the maximum - and despite his best efforts to wriggle free from the intrusion, Carl can't move an inch. His body is held secure by the ropes as the hard, heavy machinery deeply plunders his arse.

As a final touch, I take the flowers he was going to give to 'my daughter' and shove them one by one up his ravaged, reddened hole. Legs spread, head strapped to his ankles, with an arseful of flowers, the helpless teenager is now little more than a sadist's plaything.

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