Produced in: 23rd July 2008
Duration: 12 min 36 sec
Name: Whipped until he sucks dick like a pro - then shoved to the ground and beaten as he licks Colin's hairy arsehole.

Since Johan did such a piss poor job of sucking my cock earlier, we've decided it's time to give the straight cunt some fucking intensive whore boy training.
Tied in a nasty stress position, he is spitting with rage and disgust as I order him to kiss and lick Colin's massive prick. Every time he swears at me and pulls away, I give him a hard whack with my crop - and sure enough, the pain soon makes him touch the dick with the tip of his tongue.

I'm intent on humiliating Johan in ways he's never even imagined - I use the whip to make him kiss the cock like he'd kiss a girl, and lick all up and down the shaft. By the time we make him actually put it in his mouth and suck it, his arse is a deep shade of red - and so is his face, from his utter embarrasment and misery.

I continue to beat Johan as he pleasures the hated cock, as Colin tells me the boy isn't using his tongue enough and needs to be taught to make a decent effort. Sweat drips off Johan's brow as he trembles and struggles to keep upright in his exhausting position while being whipped, knowing we won't let him go until Colin's happy.

After sampling our slut boy's newly trained mouth with my own cock, I push him to the floor and Colin straddles him.
The innocent hetero lad seems to think I'm joking when I tell him he's going to lick arse. But his laughing soon stops when Colin's hairy arse is lowered right onto his face. Johan tries to escape, flinging his head left and right in horror, but he's bound tight and my whip is thrashing his arse non stop. His only choice is to follow my orders and get his tongue out to lick Colin's arsehole.

I hit Johan's sore red backside again and again until he's given Colin a thorough rimming. The straight boy breaks down in tears as we leave him, sobbing loudly into the floor, completely broken. What he's been made to do today will no doubt haunt him for the rest of his life.

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