Produced in: 1st October 2008
Duration: 11 min 02 sec
Name: Spread open and fingered, made to blow Stan, pinned down and fucked by both of us, and covered in cum...

Exhausted from the hard exercise, and chained to a filthy bed, Tony has hardly any fight left in him. Stan wrenches open his mouth and impales his face on his rock hard prick while I delve into the miserable straight boy's sweaty, hairy arse crack.
His hetero manpussy is still so tight I have to use all my strength to cram in a second finger alongside the first, before ramming them in and out faster and faster, opening his dirty boyhole up before I use it.

After gobbing on it a couple of times, the cunt's ready for a load of proper anal abuse. Stan holds Tony's legs wide while I mount him and shove my dick right into his virgin arsehole. Tony wriggles and grunts in protest but he's totally under our control, and I sodomize him hard and fast until I've had my fill.

Stan roughly manhandles Tony onto his front and without ceremony, crams himself into the boy's now burning arsehole. Tony groans in distress as Stan pounds away, slamming his stiff dick deep down into the truck driver's tight, hot hole.
Despite his attempts to be stoic, Tony can't help cursing us - so I hand gag him and stick my fingers in his dirty mouth while I spit on him, to teach the twat a lesson in manners.

As Stan flips him over, I enhance Tony's utter shame by ordering him to look the brutal top in the face as he sodomizes him. And it only gets worse for him when Stan pulls out - his erect cock looms over Tony's face as he jerks himself to a messy climax. Covered in gob and dripping with cum, Tony is a picture of anger and misery as he realises exactly what he's become.

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